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Written by rosalind renshaw

Estate agents have just two weeks left to nominate their favourite conveyancer for a national awards – Estate Agents’ Conveyancer of the Year.
So far, thanks to EAT readers, there have been hundreds of entries and the competition is fierce.

Some law firms seem determined to win and have encouraged dozens of estate agents to vote for them. The current top ten in purely alphabetical order  is: Ashfords, Barnetts, Fiddler Pepper, Frettons, Gaby Hardwicke, Guber Garrett, RG Soliciors, Shulmans, Thomas Legal Group and Trethowans.

Richard Mathias of LFS, who is organising the awards, said: “I can’t believe how many votes we are getting, but with two weeks left, there is still a chance that a dark horse not currently in the top ten can come through and pick up the award.

“In recent weeks we have seen Thomas Legal Group and Trethowans enter the top ten,  and I am sure we will have another new contender before closing day.”
The results will be announced at the LFS Conveyancing Awards at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry, on September 20.
You can vote at:



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    @ Spunky Great idea and 100% on your list some prime suspects there!!!

    • 15 June 2012 18:46 PM
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    Wouldn't it be more fun to vote for the worst conveyancers instead?

    Premier Property Lawyers?
    Countrywide Property Lawyers?
    Pirie Palmann?

    etc etc

    If you're a buyer/seller, I advise you stear clear of the above. They'll cost you!

    • 15 June 2012 15:09 PM
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    Has to be The Hetherington Partnership in Hoylake Wirral . They are the very best.

    • 15 June 2012 07:24 AM
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