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Sellers still suffering from gazundering – claim

Sellers are still being lowballed by their buyer having previously accepted a higher offer, research suggests. A survey of more than 1,000...

22 November 2023

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North East home sales least affected by market slowdown - claim

Homebuyer appetite has abruptly fallen across all regions this year, new data suggests. Property purchasing specialist the House Buyer Bureau measured transactions...

15 November 2023

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Fall-throughs are starting to rise – warning

The number of property transactions estimated to have collapsed across the UK market has started to climb after two quarters in...

27 September 2023

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Revealed! The best areas for sellers to find a chain-free buyer

Almost a third of homes sold across Britain have been purchased by a cash buyer, new research shows. Analysis of the latest...

14 September 2023

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Sellers admit to ‘hiding’ property problems from buyers

A large proportion of sellers have admitted to hiding problematic parts of their property from potential buyers. A survey of more than...

16 August 2023

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Sellers risk losing home sales due to nightmare neighbours – research

The majority of buyers would offer less for a property or even pull-out of a transaction if they discovered a nightmare...

02 August 2023

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Housing affordability ratio more than doubles since 1970s – research

New research aims to address the age-old debate of which generation has it worse when it comes to housing affordability. Quick-buy firm...

05 July 2023

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Agency stock surges amid ‘stagnant market’

Sale stock levels have surged by 15% since the start of the year due to the ‘stagnant market,’ research claims. Quick-buy firm...

28 June 2023

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Level of fall-throughs decline - but for how long?

Fall-throughs are at their lowest quarterly level since the start of 2019, new data suggests. Analysis by House Buyer Bureau has found...

23 June 2023

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Fewer sales are collapsing – but for how long?

The number of fall-throughs declined during the final three months of 2022 but this trend may not last, new data suggests. Analysis...

11 April 2023

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Third of home-sellers being gazundered - claim

Almost a third of UK home sellers are being gazundered by their buyers, many of whom are seeing their potential buyer...

24 February 2023

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Sellers are slashing asking prices by up to 20% - claim

Vendors are cutting asking prices by as much as 20% on average to secure a sale, new research claims. Quick-buy firm House...

08 February 2023

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Increase in quick-sale vendors hitting the market

The number of home sellers looking to sell their home quickly in the current market has increased by 12%, new research...

25 January 2023

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Property sales fall-throughs hit five-year high

The number of fall-throughs hit a five-year high during the third quarter of 2022, research suggests. Analysis of TwentyCi fall through data...

05 January 2023

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Property sales down by a quarter as market ‘grinds to a halt’ - claim

The level of property sales fell by a quarter in the first half of this year in what is being described...

09 November 2022

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Fall-throughs on the rise as mortgage costs spiral - warning 

The number of property sales falling through has increased for the first time since the height of the pandemic market boom...

03 November 2022

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‘Slow to sell properties’ command discounts of up to 17% - research

Properties that are slow to sell are typically commanding a discount of up to 17% off England’s average house price, research...

12 September 2022

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Down valuations leaving £8,000 shortfall on property offers - claim

Properties are being down valued by up to 5% in some areas of the UK in the sign of a housing...

01 September 2022

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Vendors may pull listings if house prices drop - warning

Inflation remains a bigger concern to homeowners than house prices but potential vendors may get sensitive if prices drop, research suggests. A...

25 August 2022

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Relisted homes coming back up to £21,000 cheaper – claim

Homes that agents are putting back on the market after a fall-through are being relisted for as much as £21,000 cheaper,...

02 August 2022

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Fall-throughs predicted to drop but costs may rise

Estate agents and sellers could be set to benefit from fewer fall-throughs this year but the costs of a collapsed sale...

08 June 2022

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Agents reveal most common culprit when it comes to fall-throughs

Buyer issues have been cited as the main cause of fall-throughs, according to new research. A survey of more than 940 agents,...

31 May 2022

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One in 30 homes are being downvalued by lenders - claim

Mortgage brokers have warned that an increase in downvaluations is starting to hit the property market. Lenders and their valuers are cutting...

03 May 2022

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Qué? It is quicker to learn a language than to sell a house - claim

The typical time taken to sell a property has got so long that people could learn a language before a transaction...

07 April 2022

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Gazumping: Public have had enough and want it made illegal

The overwhelming majority of buyers want the gazumping to be made illegal, a poll shows. Some 89 per cent think it’s wrong...

28 March 2022

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The presents agents need for Christmas to improve their business in 2022

With 2022 swiftly approaching, businesses in the property industry are likely to be reflecting on the trials and tribulations that have...

04 December 2021

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Be open to new ideas to stop fall-throughs, agents urged

Agents are being urged to be more open to new methods of stopping deals falling through. HBB Solutions - a part exchange...

18 November 2021

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Autumn Budget: will Sunak’s pledges create opportunities for agents in the new-build sector?

At first glance, Rishi Sunak’s Budget speech earlier this week didn’t offer much from a property perspective. But digging down a little...

30 October 2021

From: Features

Part exchange – why agents should be including it as part of their pitch to developers

It’s certainly the case that awareness of part exchange isn’t very high in the property and agency world, despite the potential...

22 September 2021

From: Features

Agents urged to diversify by linking with retirement developers

Estate agents are being urged to future-proof and diversify by linking with retirement developers via part-exchange services. Property investment service HBB Solutions...

08 September 2021

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Fall-through rate “supercharged by stamp duty deadline” - claim

The already-high fall-through rate for transactions is likely to be supercharged by the impending end of the tapered stamp duty holiday...

28 July 2021

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We could see more chains breaking down – why agents need a plan B

By any measure, the housing market has been unprecedently busy in recent months, fuelled not just by the stamp duty holiday...

03 July 2021

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Prepare for surge in stamp duty sales collapsing - warning

Agents should prepare for a surge in fall throughs and collapsed sales thanks to the first stamp duty holiday period expiring...

17 June 2021

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Chris Hodgkinson, Managing Director at HBB Solutions

Who are you and what does it say on your business card? Well I rarely use them now! Chris Hodgkinson, Managing Director What...

16 June 2021

From: 60 Second Interview

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