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Expert reveals how to transform your living room into an eco-friendly space with three easy trends

Transforming your living room into an eco-friendly space not only benefits your health and wellbeing, but the planet too. It can often feel difficult to become more eco-friendly, especially in the current climate, but now more than ever is the perfect time to use interiors to promote positive wellbeing and happiness. 

Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture and Choice shares three interior trends you need to be adopting in your home to help you become more environmentally friendly. 

Be Mindful with Minimalism 


Harlow grey fabric sofa, £1,000- Furniture and Choice 

A trend that is here to stay, is minimalism. The zen theme is all about simplifying and decluttering your home to help limit the number of non-renewable items within your space. The popular Scandinavian trend incorporates the use of natural materials like organic cotton and linen that adheres to the bare-essentials mindset. Think clutter free and clean lines to pare-back any unwanted stresses within your living room space.  

This less-is-more approach is all about creating a peaceful sanctuary within your home where you can relax and unwind from the outside world. To help create a restful space choosing the right colour palette is key. Most people think that using white paint is what is needed to achieve the minimalist look, but this can leave spaces feeling harsh and cold. Think warm muted tones like greys, earthy browns and raw umber that will help to make your space feel warm and inviting. 

How to make this look eco-friendly: Switch from conventional paints to more eco-friendly ones that contain less VOCs, which makes them less harmful to human health and the planet- from £20 

Go Green with Green Country

Grange and Bewley dining set, £1049.99- Furniture and Choice 

Recycled furniture and reclaimed wood are just a number of things that help steer the Green Country trend to an environmentally conscious style, that can help towards creating a greener planet. 

It’s fair to say that green is the colour to incorporate in your home when looking to become more eco-friendly, it embodies the aesthetic perfectly. Adopting the green country style in your home doesn’t mean you need to live in the countryside, but can be achievable by adopting the cosy, warm and relaxed feel of the trend.  

Green country is a look that is easily translatable across different sized living rooms which makes it a timeless choice. Incorporate wooden elements and soft furnishings to tie the trend together- think tweed pillowcases and thick blankets that will help to make your room feel cosier and warmer especially on those colder days. 

Don’t forget about your wall space! Experiment with wallpaper ideas or wooden panelling to channel a country living look. 

How to make this look eco-friendly: Adding some sustainably sourced tweed cushion covers to your living room is a budget and eco-friendly way to jump onto this trend- from £25. Not only do soft furnishings, layering and blankets embody the green country trend but it can be a cost effective way to help you keep warm this winter. 

Be Bold with Biophilic 

Caro grey fabric bed, £329.99- Furniture and Choice 

The biophilic trend is all about adding nature inspired elements into your space which can help improve your health, becoming more environmentally conscious and can even make you feel more productive.  

The colour green is known to have a positive effect on our wellbeing thanks to its soothing colour properties. When incorporating this trend within your living room space, don’t be afraid of playing around with different shades of green. Try mixing dark earthy greens and olive tones together along with natural elements for a chic and contemporary feel. 

Add soft stone-grey furniture to your living room and a touch of light wood tones to add warmth to your space. Adding furniture with natual materials like wicker and rattan will help to make your room feel cosy and inviting and can also be sustainable sourced. 

How to make this look eco-friendly:  Adding houseplants like Philodendrons and Aloe Vera help to create oxygen in your home and are an environmentally friendly item that doesn’t cost the earth- from £10. 

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