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10 Simple Tips To Keep Your Home Cool During The Heatwave

Temperatures are soaring and it’s only going to get hotter this week. Electric fans will be on full blast and cold showers will become part of our daily routine. Whether you’re working from home or spending most of your time at home this week, here are 10 simple tips to keep your house cool during the heatwave from British designer Benji Lewis.

1. Live life in reverse during a heatwave; open your window dressings when night falls to allow cooler air into your home and then close them again at daybreak to avoid the heat coming in.

2. Using blackout in your window dressings won’t just minimise the frustration of early morning summer daylight waking you up in the morning, it’s also a very effective way of keeping heat out if you draw your curtains closed during the heatwave or lower your blinds.


3. For blackout material, use a heavy-duty polyester with a tight weave, known as triple weave technology, it’s the best material for keeping homes cool during the heatwave.

4. Invest in a fan and don’t consider that big is necessarily better; neat little fans like this are fantastically effective at casting a soft directional movement of air over you while you sleep.

5. Sleep on the ground floor of your property if you can, hot air rises so you’ll keep cooler if you can sleep on the ground floor.

6. Hard surfaces like stone or marble are going to feel nicer underfoot during hot weather, forget about slippers on these floors.

7. To achieve a cool breezy feel with your interior décor look at tones of white, mint green, pale tan and soft greys; step away from hot colours like red and remember that really dark colours are going to absorb heat that you might be wishing to escape from.

8. Seek shade beneath a parasol or failing that look for a tree with abundant leafy coverage.

9. Whilst they might provide a lovely ambient glow to your room, a bunch of lit candles is going to generate heat that you might not wish for, so think about using a lamp or two for interior evening light instead of taking the candle route.

10. If you have any old-fashioned style incandescent light bulbs, either turn them off or swap them out for LED alternatives to avoid additional heat output.

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