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By Pete Butler

Pay Per Click Coach, Boost Your Agency


Discover Why YouTube Ads to Grow During 2023

Being owned by Google, YouTube is the world’s 2nd largest search engine, you can find all the logical reasons online, just google it!! 

YouTube is enabling agents to become the agent of choice, by having your own TV channel and subscribers being those who have the interest and reason to keep watching - if we take Phil Spencer for example, he’s so well known from his TV appearances and now his YouTube Channel has grown as well as his main business MoveIQ. His educational -search based knowledge appears high up in YouTube search for free… from a lot of commitment and dedication his company is serving people across the UK with content that they are interested in that interest being PROPERTY.

You too could become the Phil or Kirsty in your town with YouTube.


Unlike its competitors, YouTube is where people go to educate themselves and look for solutions like how to move home, how to sell my house etc. 

The average view time of a typical video on YouTube.com is 10 minutes vs 2-5 secs on most other platforms. 

Because YouTube is owned by Google it allows you to reach people who are looking at buying/selling or investing in property too. 


YouTube is a free platform - community led platform so you create the content, if it see’s value and people consume and watch they reward you with more free traffic organically.

Cons: This will take time, months to work and a lot of patience, so just commit to posting educational, informative content and it will work over time.

Pro: Longevity, we see results coming in months and years after the content was uploaded so it does work.

Don’t make the mistake that 96.4% agents make and just post property tours on YouTube and wonder why the channel is not growing. Make educational or informative content and yes add humour too, go on give it a try!

PAID ADS: Fast response, easy to set up

Warning: You of course need to understand your RETURN ON INVESTMENT, money in vs money out but safe to say it's worth investigating if you want to be the go to agent in your town.

The way we make YouTube work for agents is via paid ads- you know the skippable YouTube Ad,  you can reach people in your postcode,  who are actively looking at moving home. 

They (YouTube) utilise the power of Google search audiences, so if you decide to get fast results then you can tell YouTube to show your ads to people in your area who are homeowners and who are looking to buy or invest in a house near me for instance.

Unlike Google Ads, they are in some cases far lower cost per click thus a lead too, win win but the rub off is celebrity that is a by product of giving value to the consumer, YouTube loves people staying on the platform. 

YouTube Ads are set up and  managed via Google Ads so they are very simple to set up, however you do need a process.

A lead capture and lead follow up sequence

As with any journey it's only the start when the person sees your ad and chooses to enquire or becomes a lead, so lead capture and nurturing is equally as important to the ad itself..

The beauty of YouTube skippable ads is if the viewer sees your ad but decides it’s not of interest they skip, you won’t pay Google/YouTube anything, you’ll only pay if they watch after 29 seconds or they take action and click on the clickable link in the ad to go to your lead capture page, a true view.

*Pete Butler is a Pay Per Click Coach at Boost Your Agency


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