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Video – Phil Spencer and Henry Pryor on lockdown, stamp duty and 95% mortgages

In a wide-ranging video interview for his Move iQ service, Phil Spencer speaks to buying agent and TV property pundit Henry Pryor.

They kick off by speaking about the buying agent's media output, with Spencer light-heartedly suggesting that Pryor generates more tweets, column inches and appears on TV more than he does.

Pryor suggests that over half of his new business comes from Google or social media platforms and that he has benefitted from the 'enthusiasm bordering on obsession' the British public has with all things property related.


He adds that his role as a buying agent allows him to give a different take on what 'mainstream estate agents pump out'.

The property pundits then go on to discuss the impact of lockdown on the housing market, from the initial spring lockdown in March 2020 when the market essentially closed down for seven weeks, all the way through to the current national lockdown in which the market is allowed to remain open.

Pryor discusses the uncertainty and thirst for knowledge of consumers, letting on that since March 2020, he has carried out around 800 30-minute consultations with buyers and sellers.

The conversation then steers towards the upcoming stamp duty holiday deadline and the rush to buy. Spencer and his interviewee discuss whether in some cases tax savings of up to £15,000 are actually being eroded by inflated property prices.

They then discuss the long-term economic impact of the pandemic. Pryor suggests that the housing market will be an ‘easy target’ during the upcoming Budget on March 3, with potential changes to Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax as the government tries to claw back some of the huge sums it has spent on the pandemic.

The interview concludes with Spencer asking Pryor for his views on 95% mortgages and some predictions for the market in 2021.

It's an engaging interview with plenty of insight and you can watch it in full below.


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