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Peter Grant
Peter Grant
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About Me

I create solutions for the property professionals to increase revenue, save time and enable management for growth. I works with specially selected ‘best in class’ partners to provide services and communication systems that adhere to a code of practice and quality standards.

my expertise in the industry

30 years of consulting in the residential property sector, surviving and thriving in any market.

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Peter Grant
It seems to me that the guys are starting along a route that we have now almost completed. Its difficult from limited information, but transferring this to our tech, we have worked it like this and it can actually work: Open the market and get more people moving; • Use blockchain technology, to simplify, accelerate and enable revenue reduction Get customers engaging with agents “like they used to”; • Create a pre-market appraisal community to enable “off web” property finding via a digital platform. Increase revenues – during and long after the transaction; • Provide the ability to introduce a huge raft of additional services all based around property Give agents unprecedented life-long brand exposure; • Using constant contact and ability to provide a/some service(s) to all 20,000 chimney pots to develop a position of Local Property Advisor. Increase productivity, "giving agents more time to do what they love"; • Implement automation and AI technology via a central data base, to complete any process driven operations in agency and to provide proactive commination’s and management. Power "a transformational experience for everyone - building loyalty"; and • Implement the Property MOT system, ensuring sticky relationships with home owners and landlords by providing a singular invaluable data source. Support, promote, advertise and enhance the profile of estate agents. • Emulate Good Property News, enable collaborative working via MLS and create national web platforms to offer “free” services that attract consumers and create a property tribe.

From: Peter Grant 23 July 2020 10:31 AM

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