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Purplebricks founders reveal name of new ‘portal’ project

Purplebricks founders Michael and Kenny Bruce have revealed the name of their new property venture. 

It’s to be called Boomin.

There are still few specific details about exactly what it will be but Gary Barker, former chief executive of the Reapit Group and now chief executive of the Boomin project, says it will "transforming the property market for everyone" and promises to be "the most agent and customer centric solution ever created, putting agents at the forefront of determining the future rather than needing to react to it.”


Industry speculation is that it will be a form of property portal and today’s announcement says its ambition is to: 

- Open the market and get more people moving;

- Get customers engaging with agents “like they used to”;

- Increase revenues – during and long after the transaction;

- Give agents unprecedented life-long brand exposure;

- Increase productivity, "giving agents more time to do what they love";

- Power "a transformational experience for everyone - building loyalty"; and 

- Support, promote, advertise and enhance the profile of estate agents.

Boomin has recruited a senior leadership team to work under Barker and executive chairman Michael Bruce.

This includes Phil Lloyd from carwow, who will be chief marketing officer; James Kydd - a former Purplebricks executive - who will be marketing director; and Andrew Stewart from car sales platform Cazoo who will be chief operating officer. Cazoo, incidentally, is owned by Zoopla founder Alex Chesterman.


Boomin is now inviting agents to register their interest to find out more, at boomin.com.

Michael Bruce says in a statement released today: “The strength and depth of the team that we have managed to attract is remarkable, it is a genuine privilege to be working with people who share our vision and have the energy and experience to do transformational work that makes a difference to so many other people’s lives. We are proud to launch our brand name, which best describes how we want to see the future for the property market for everyone”.

  • Matthew Fine

    I do hope the unpredictable epic Rock n Roll band from Wigan of the same name don't get too upset being linked to these guys

  • John Evans

    Bloomin Boomin!

  • Algarve  Investor

    Wow, what a naff name.

  • icon

    Not. With. A. Barge. Pole.

  • icon

    no thanks

  • Simon Shinerock

    I’m interested to know if Andrew Stewart has left Carzoo or remains involved 🧐

  • Chris Arnold

    There's seems to be a natural progression of marketing 'experts' from car sales to estate agency. Presumably, the mindset and skillset is similar.
    Incidentally, life-long brand exposure isn't a worthwhile ambition until such time as the estate agency sector fixes the problem it has with trust.
    Whatever the "transformational experience" is, it's pretty certain not to engender loyalty, again, until the problem of trust is fixed.

    Agents might well ask themselves what is being 'sold' here. If they don't know the answer to that question, it's them! Facebook did it first, where addiction to that platform is overwhelming. Rightmove followed. Many are trying to replicate that business model.

  • icon

    The Bruce brother are at it again to take investors money on hype. Their egos are unmatched after they cashed out of Purplebricks on the backs of dissatisfied and over worked estate agents, employees and investors. Michael assembled the same team and no one will respond to the new leadership added for optics. They ran Purplebricks stock up on global expansion and sold before reporting results to the street. That should be investigated and they were lucky Axel Springer was bought out and their investment in PB was swept under the carpet or they would go after them. It will be interesting to see if estate agents are naive enough to use their platform after years of getting beat up by them in adverts. There Agent Together program was simply a funnel to try to win the trust of the market. Cheers!

    John Wathen

    Couldn’t agree more. I have a number of friends who worked for Michael & Kenny’s previous failures Burchell Edwards & Ashley Adams who are still owed salaries from 2008. They may have sold out before the You Know What hits the fan but in the Midlands they’ll always be known as the Purple Pricks!

  • Paul Singleton

    Get customers engaging with agents “like they used to” WOW, funny thing is we still do! It’s only the online clowns that don’t! They provide a vastly inferior service because all the communication is online and the WORST OFFENDER is..........drum roll..........PurpleBricks! And now they’re going to teach proper agents how to communicate like....er ........proper agents! Think I’m going to go and sit down!!!

  • Peter Grant

    It seems to me that the guys are starting along a route that we have now almost completed. Its difficult from limited information, but transferring this to our tech, we have worked it like this and it can actually work:
    Open the market and get more people moving;
    • Use blockchain technology, to simplify, accelerate and enable revenue reduction

    Get customers engaging with agents “like they used to”;
    • Create a pre-market appraisal community to enable “off web” property finding via a digital platform.

    Increase revenues – during and long after the transaction;
    • Provide the ability to introduce a huge raft of additional services all based around property

    Give agents unprecedented life-long brand exposure;
    • Using constant contact and ability to provide a/some service(s) to all 20,000 chimney pots to develop a position of Local Property Advisor.

    Increase productivity, "giving agents more time to do what they love";
    • Implement automation and AI technology via a central data base, to complete any process driven operations in agency and to provide proactive commination’s and management.

    Power "a transformational experience for everyone - building loyalty"; and
    • Implement the Property MOT system, ensuring sticky relationships with home owners and landlords by providing a singular invaluable data source.

    Support, promote, advertise and enhance the profile of estate agents.
    • Emulate Good Property News, enable collaborative working via MLS and create national web platforms to offer “free” services that attract consumers and create a property tribe.

  • icon

    Is there anyone in Boomin who is actually an Estate Agent or just suckers like Axel Springer who can smell the money?

  • Hybrid Agent

    All these comments show a the continued mis-understanding of what "Hybrid" Estate Agency actually is! home based, tech enhanced, fairer fee agents offering much better service are the future 'Boomin' is most likely another step towards this... Read "No.1 B*stard Estate Agent (someone no longer in their original form) How to Evolve in Property Selling" its on Amazon..


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