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Wouldn’t you rather conduct viewings with prospects who are all pre-qualified for the properties they view? Reduce your operational costs by pre-qualifying all prospects using Open Banking, referencing, and conducting unaccompanied viewings all in one app.

We at CubicLease have created a new way to pre-qualify and reference prospects in a few minutes, without any paperwork, and no contracts.

We aim to make your life easier.

Our platform facilitates effective, seamless, and quick property viewing process, from pre-qualification, viewings scheduling, offers, and referencing - all in a few clicks in-app.

You just need to create viewing links “VLinks” that can be shared with prospects. Each VLink is unique to a property and directs prospects to the specific property page within the CubicLease app to undergo verification before scheduling viewings.

Depending on your viewing preferences, prospects can book to view the property either accompanied by a negotiator or unaccompanied using CubicLease’s secure keysafe network.

VLink Standard “accompanied viewings” and VLink Pro “accompanied & unaccompanied viewings”:

  • Unlimited pre-qualification: ID and affordability checks using Open Banking

  • Unlimited referencing: powered by TransUnion

VLink Pro Only “unaccompanied viewings”:

  • Keysafe network: keys stored in a secure handheld device, in a local convenience store, opened in-app only by pre-qualified prospects.

  • Viewer monitoring: Location tracking and geofences are utilised to monitor the prospect from key pick-up to return.



VLink Standard – Starting from £80 a month

VLink Pro - Starting from £850 a month

*All prices exclude VAT.

Pre-qualify tenants before a viewing and reference them with one shareable viewing link from your CRM

28 July 2020 31031 Views

Pre-qualify tenants before a viewing and reference them with one shareable viewing link from your CRM

Can technology bring about the lasting change needed to the property industry? The industry has felt the effect of lockdown and social distancing. We all realise that our efforts were wise, but it's difficult to rationalise the need against the cost to the property industry. In-person property viewings have been all but curtailed during the crisis, and virtual viewings do not always provide the information needed to prompt an offer, even if a move were possible. There is nothing that compares with an in-person visit. Now, concurrent with the lifting of some restrictions on mobility throughout the UK, a new option for independent property viewings is available.

Viewer to let ratio breakdown

A 2019 ARLA survey reported that an estate agent on average shows one property seven times before it’s successfully let, with a cost that easily exceeds £25 per property viewing. These figures rack up over time, and a single property can easily cost an estate agent a minimum of £195 on viewing expenses alone.

Solution: agencies can cut down on operational costs.

CubicLease is a residential viewing platform that pre-qualifies prospective tenants and buyers using Open Banking software before viewings, it allows prospects to schedule a viewing directly into agents’ diary, place offers, and complete referencing all in-app.

This solution is destined to become a trusted new arrow in the quiver of forward-thinking property professionals and innovative agents. It can offer extreme advantages as you labour to rebuild your business following the unexpected slowdown of 2020 business. Agencies can cut down on operational costs by saving time and money. CubicLease operates from £6 per property for unlimited pre-qualifications, referencing, and viewings scheduled. 

          Pre-qualify tenants before a viewing and reference them with one shareable viewing link from your CRM

A seamless end-to-end solution

The app pre-qualifies prospects using robust ID (including Liveness detection) and affordability (Open Banking) checks, before they can schedule viewings. These bookings are connected straight to the agent’s CRM. 

Liveness detection software - combats fraud in few minutes in-app

The “Liveness” detection feature is an essential software solution CubicLease employs to rid of cybercriminals and mitigate fraud during the digital onboarding process of a prospects ID. The software achieves this, by using AI facial recognition to differentiate between the features of live skin and copies of those features within a fraction of a second.

NO DSS BAN- Open Banking (affordability) solution

This measure solves another issue facing many landlords and estate agents after a recent court ruling that bans discrimination against people on housing benefit. Mentioning ‘no DSS’ on an advert is no longer necessary when robust ID and affordability checks are in place.

The power of VLinks

CubicLease has gone a step further and made it easy for agents to direct prospects to the app, by creating shareable viewing links “VLinks”.  Each VLink is unique to each property and 

directs prospects to the specific property page within the CubicLease app to undergo Open Banking pre-qualification before scheduling viewings, all in a few minutes.       

Pre-qualify tenants before a viewing and reference them with one shareable viewing link from your CRM

CubicLease secure viewing process.

CubicLease’s platform conducts accompanied and unaccompanied viewings of properties.

For accompanied viewings, pre-qualified prospects are navigated to the property to meet an agent who will host the viewing. For unaccompanied viewings, pre-qualified prospects can view unoccupied properties on their own using our secure keysafe network. A prospect would be navigated to a keysafe location, a short walk from the property to borrow the keys, before being navigated to the property for the viewing. Instant messaging, location tracking, and geofences are additional security measures put in place to monitor prospects from key pick-up to return. This provides complete visibility and security at all times.

With a seamless beginning-to-end approach to scheduling, viewing, follow-up, decision-making, and ultimate satisfaction, we believe that property transactions will be easier and more profitable than ever before. We understand that prospects want a more Airbnb style experience to property viewings; this public acceptance will uphold the value of this innovative approach. We at CubicLease, are confident that continued new developments in technology will ensure a robust future for the property industry.

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