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Agent & Homes is an extraordinary agency.  We are a powerhouse from which independent estate agents can launch and grow their own business. Our modern approach supports agents so they can be proactive, innovative and offer clients a trusted and dedicated service.

As an Agent & Homes agent you will retain the majority of fees you generate. With us you will benefit from minimal start up and running costs. You will gain maximum market exposure for properties on all 4 main portals and be promoted by our strong and accelerating brand. Experienced administrative staff will support you across sales, letting and management. You will get marketing and advertising to help you win new business and generate multiple income streams.

Agent & Homes is leading the new direction in estate agency. Work when you want, how you want and where you want. We think big and challenge convention.

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Work/life balance and the lion’s share of commission – become a master of your own destiny

09 June 2020 36048 Views

Work/life balance and the lion’s share of commission – become a master of your own destiny

If you are an established UK estate agent, the status quo dictates that you will most likely work for ‘the man.’

Corporate environment, small basic, 10-15% commission, spreadsheets, KPIs, an overbearing boss, volume of phone calls/viewings monitored, not allowed out of the office at certain times each day….you know the drill by now.

We are lagging well behind our US counterparts in terms of converting to a realtor-based model where a property professional is self-employed working under the umbrella of a brand, is a master of their own destiny, enjoys a work/life balance, is an agent for life to their client and keeps the lion’s share of their commission.

However, as Bob Dylan once said: “The Times They Are A Changin”. In truth, there had been the beginnings of a movement towards change prior to Covid-19.

Early indications are, as we edge back to some sort of normality, that the pandemic may be about to accelerate this change. Here at Agent and Homes, we are speaking to a great deal of agents - particularly in their 30s and 40s - who are tired of the status quo, tired of the corporate treadmill and are considering a change.

So if you are an established agent, if your clients contact you directly, if you are tired of being tied to one geographical area, if you are tired of being pigeon-holed to just one discipline of the business, then we can help you set up your own property business and be in business for yourself but not by yourself.

This break has given agents a period of reflection and consider a new way of working. Here is why…

The high street model is dying – buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords simply don’t walk into high street agents’ offices anymore. An office in each postcode is an unnecessary, outdated and bloated model.

Advancements in technology, the emergence of the gig economy, changing attitudes towards ’the job for life’ and post-Covid lessons of how to work smarter and more remotely all lead towards a new way of doing business.

Work/life balance - we provide agents with a platform and the all the necessary resources and technology to work when they want, where they want and how they want. Agents can work from home or are welcome any time in our fantastic West London hub.

For some of our agents, this is their sole business/focus, others run their property business on a part-time basis alongside another business or side venture. We have agents who have full-time jobs and who plug into us to do the occasional deal.

Whether it’s family commitments/holidays/school runs when you are running your business, you can make it fit your schedule.

Greater professional flexibility - we power our agents with all the tools they need to work in all aspects of the business. No agent is tied to one discipline. Each agent can offer their clients a full range of services - sales, lettings, short lets, search, property management.

This means three things: One, our agents can be a true agent for life as they can offer a comprehensive range of services to their client. Two, our agents become well-rounded and better as a result of dealing in all aspects of the business. Three, it gives our agents multiple revenue streams.

Earning potential - Our agents keep the vast majority of their commission - 70-80% in the case of fees they generate from their own network and 50-60% of fees resulting from leads/instructions we have provided to them.

Agents negotiate fees at their own discretion. As they are not passing on the cost of a bloated high street mode to their clients, our agents can charge a fair commission for a personal service and earn a fantastic living.

If you want to find out more about how we can help you, please get in touch!

Ed Crowther, Agent & Homes

Newcombe House, Notting Hill Gate, London, W11 3LQ

ed@agentandhomes.com, 0203 598 0808, 07872007983

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