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Tyron Ash: Corporate agents are 'self-entitled'

High-end estate agent Tyron Ash has hit out at the “sense of entitlement” at corporate estate agencies who he said don’t give people a chance.

Speaking on the latest episode of the Two Russells estate agency podcast, Ash recounted how his time in prison for drug dealing helped turn his life around and explained how he has  been building his own luxury property brokerage business in the UK and Dubai despite once sending his CV to Knight Frank and never hearing back.

He said: “I am a firm believer that if you have the effort levels, knowledge, credibility and work rates then you are good enough.


“There are some people that will not get the chance.

“We have people in the businesses bringing in £30,000 a month who have come from absolutely nothing. 

“There is an argument to say will these people get an interview at corporate companies selling luxury properties, I don’t know.”

“I sent CVs and never got a response, it did make me want to prove a point.”

Ash, who featured in Channel 4’s Mega Mansion Hunters and calls himself “The King of Real Estate,’ said he now has 150 agents in the UK and around 45 in Dubai, adding that the business is making a profit.

He said he would eventually like to expand into Saudi Arabia and Egypt and is also looking at places such as Marbella, Ibiza and Mykonos.

Watch the full video interview below:

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    The irony here is actually hilarious! Narcissism of the highest order on display (in my opinion).

    Ubr Plates

    Keep Tyron’s name out of your F@&k mouth 👋

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    I'm curious to know why a convicted drug dealer thinks a company like Knight Frank should even give him the time of day?


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