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Should agents door-knock to win business?

Industry leaders have hit back at a suggestion that agents should do more door-knocking to win business.

Speaking in the latest video released from a meeting of senior property executives late last year, property commentator and former Emoov boss Russell Quirk suggested agents should knock on doors to offer their services to vendors whose properties aren’t selling.

He denied that this was a “double glazing approach" and said agents don’t have to be aggressive, but could just give say they have noticed the property hasn’t been selling give a business card and walk away.


But Mark Burgess, chief executive of agency software brand Iceberg Digital, quipped that he would taser Quirk if he knocked on his door in the way suggested

He said: “It is what keeps the industry down, a dentist doesn’t knock on your door and say I heard you had work done, open your mouth for me.

“We tout by using marketing, we don’t have to knock on someone’s door.”

Quirk questioned the difference in marketing between giving someone a business card and a pizza company posting a takeaway menu through the door.

Former Foxtons chief executive Peter Rollings said door-knocking can be seen as aggressive and Sarah Edmundson, chief executive of Agents Together, added that agents should instead proactively use social media and email marketing to generate leads and reach vendors.

Watch the full video debate below:

  • Chris Arnold

    Public begging by those with little initiative or creativity.

  • The  Duchess

    Loathe this practice and a corporate locally really frightened one of my elderly clients. I did take them to task over it but "it came from head office we have to do it" No you don't win your own business.

  • Richard Copus

    Down into the gutter.

  • icon

    I have 2 agents locally, one an ex corporate, they both tout sometimes within 14 days of my new listing. Vermin springs to mind and that's putting it mildly.

  • Where Is The  Monii Money

    I'd actually like to know when the last time one of those in this video has actually been door-knocking. Not some romanticised time from back in the 1980s/1990s but in the last twelve months? How many doors did they knock on? How many instructions did it lead to? How much revenue (completions) did it ultimately achieve?

    You can loathe it, call them vermin gutter agents, scaring elderly clients and lacking creativity (great little summary of the above!) but can you make a business case for it being cost-effective?

    You'll notice a lack of comments supporting the activity...hang on...got to go...someone at the door...

  • Matthew Payne

    No place for it if we want to raise the standards in the industry and how it is perceived by the public and the same applies to anyone knocking on your door from any industry. I sued to do it loads back in the pre portal days when there was a greater need to pound the streets and even then, people felt intimidated and more so insulted that they could be supposedly influenced to make what is quite a critical decision as to who instruct by someone spinning a few lyrics, well chosen or otherwise on their doorstep.


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