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Industry veteran reveals why conveyancers 'fob-off' agents

Industry veteran Eddie Goldsmith has revealed why solicitors may sometimes have to “fob-off” estate agents and how to get around it.

Goldsmith, a former chairman of the Conveyancing Association and now founder of proptech startup YouConvey, revealed in an exclusive Estate Agent Today video interview how agents and solicitors can work together better.

He said: “Agents must find dealing with solicitors a frustrating experience.


“There is a lack of communication between estate agents and solicitors.

“We are both doing our jobs, we are both professional people and tyring to do the best for customer.

“I often find the customer often gets caught in the crossfire particularly with the estate agent is trying to find out what is going on in a file.

“Unfortunately, you find solicitors try to fob-off estate agents.

“The estate agent will have a sales progressor phoning up when the conveyancer has five important files on their desk.

“The estate agent is interrupting their flow and taking a solicitor away from their task.”

He said agents need to get to know solicitors they are messaging to help get a positive response.

Goldsmith suggested that agents and conveyancers need to work together on communication and providing upfront information, while also having realistic timescales.

Watch the full video interview below:

  • Vilesh Rew

    All the solicitors need do is set up online portals where they log progress on a file (that they keep up to date) and allow it to be accessed by their client and their clients' agent. Then the agents won't be calling for updates unless the poop hits the fan and extra involvement is required. There is a lot of useless tech out their marketing itself as revolutionary/time or money saving, etc. when it's totally superfluous, but a portal for all conveyancers would save everyone time and money.


    or they could let the estate agent, and their client know when they have done each part of the job! communication is a 2 way process.


    There is a system like that already but hardly any solicitor I know uses it. We did have one solicitor tell us they used but sadly, it wasn't updated often, so we ended up having to ring them anyway. Technology is only as good as the people using it.


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