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Boomin to “reinvent YouTube” and wants agents involved

Boomin says it’s going to “reinvent the YouTube channel for property.”

The portal’s new YouTube channel has gone live with five unique videos including one from a high-profile YouTube influencer - called WillNE - who has had over one billion views of his channels and over 4.4m subscribers.

Separately, there’s also a video tour around the home of the legendary interior designer Jane Churchill, and one from up and coming star of Interior Design Masters, Frank Newbold.


A statement this morning from the portal says these original videos - of which more will be released weekly - will “establish Boomin as the first UK property portal to leverage the channel with rich, engaging, unique content, that will grow an audience within the platform and enable Boomin to entertain, inform and engage consumers of all ages.” 

Agents on Boomin will be invited to feature in the videos, to showcase their best properties and “be part of bringing a new personality to the world of property.” 

The portal says the content will be produced using “a youthful fresh approach that will be combined with the experience of interesting people that bring their own personal twist to our engaging narrative.” 

Phil Lloyd, chief marketing officer of Boomin, says: “This is just the beginning of our ambitions to update the way property portals create audiences and engage with property searchers across the UK. Our YouTube channel combines the best of Boomin – great properties from leading agents and inspiring interiors and ideas – all in one place. And with high quality content that people want to watch; without a Phil, Kirsty or Kevin in sight. 

“We’re looking to take a leadership position here and show agents the power of partnering with Boomin to draw audiences to their properties via a powerful social brand. We have a huge pipeline of assets and content to come; we’re just getting started.”

And portal founder Michael Bruce adds: “Once again Boomin is leading the way with meaningful innovation. After years of complacency and tired options for agents and consumers, the traditional portals are only now starting to wake up to the threat that only competition brings, which is great for agents.  

“Our DNA is all about innovation for agents, better experiences for everyone and helping agents to seize back the balance of power that they deserve as a customer of the portals.   

“Boomin was created differently, from the ground up, with the latest technology and a world class team, which includes over 100 experts building on our technology every day. We will never stop innovating for the benefit of our agent partners - it is our DNA.”

You can see the Boomin YouTube channel here.

  • Matt Faizey

    Just a shame David Frost is no longer with us to host it

  • jeremy clarke

    Anyone had any leads yet?

    Matt Faizey

    I haven't even been on the website yet!

  • Roger  Mellie

    Me neither, and my firm is on it.

  • Hit Man

    A lot of fuss for nothing many Agents who had signed up for the free period have already left due to being conned over where their leads would go to the highest ranked agent. Given data away is a dangerous game.

  • Algarve  Investor

    You have to admire their persistence, and their almost desperation to succeed, but it just seems like they are failing to cut through in any discernible way.

    Reinventing YouTube - what does that even mean? Partnering with an influencer whose audience are too young to buy and sell homes in order to seem relevant and down with the kids?

    Does all smack a bit of desperation, I'm afraid. Maybe those who have signed up are getting great results, but I get the impression Boomin's offering a solution - yet another portal - that no-one really wanted. It looks the same as OTM, Rightmove and Zoopla, and I can see no USP or point of difference.

  • icon

    Unfortunately its starting to look like an 'epic fail'. I would love Boomin or someone to actually massively disrupt the portal market since all the fees are too high given that we are only being peddled 0's and 1's and the actual operating costs for a portal are relatively small. As with any new portal my lead expectations were low for the first six or twelve months but our leads have totaled zero since launch. Even lower spending On The Market managed to generate quite good numbers of leads over the same period from launch and we binned them after a couple years since in our view it is still only necessary to be a one (paid) portal agent and that view probably won't change while we are clear market leaders in our location unless a challenger portal demonstrates real potential. We, like many still wait for the day when we can tell RM to sling their hooks but we have to remain commercial and realistic in the meantime.

  • icon

    Maybe just provide leads before reinventing anything?

  • Kristjan Byfield

    Interesting comments on here. Like many, I have been somewhat disappointed by the lack of leads but that was always going to be a slow burn. I do keep hearing/seeing Ads so we shall see.
    This YouTube move is, in my opinion. is a great one- if they can get it right. We don't need portals doing the same thing- the need to differentiate- probably my biggest surprise is that this wasn't more a headline part of their approach from the offset.
    As for target audience being too young- even if that's true (and Im not sure it is)- they will be Tenants before they are buyers. Agents need to understand the value of a young Tenant- you are the start and potentially the everything for persons lifelong property journey- stop treating these as 'cheap lets' and start treating them as the opportune ity to make a lifelong impression that could mean you sell them mortgages, properties, insurance and even help them become Landlords one day.

  • icon

    Why all the negative comments? Never been a lover of PurpleBricks....... but.......... Boomin are spending millions in trying to create competition to the large advertising portals who have grown rich on the backs of agents having continually abused the power we all gave them......and agents do not have to pay a penny towards their efforts at the moment.


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