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Why are so many agents moving their CRM to Lifesycle?

In this article, the team at Lifesycle outline why agents are increasingly turning to their CRM.

Unless you have been living under a rock, it has been hard to avoid the number of agents that have been on Facebook talking through why they have left their CRM and moved to Lifesycle (play the video below to see an example of this)

But Mark Burgess, the CEO of Iceberg Digital, who are the creators of Lifesycle, is quick to point out that Lifesycle is not for everyone.


Burgess says: “Lifesycle is not just a replacement CRM for agents to continue to work how they always have, it is part of an entirely new way of working for agents and, as such, that change is just too much for many agents to handle. This is not some sort of weird reverse psychology, but the honest truth. For agents only looking for small improvements, Lifesycle is not necessary, but for those that want a new way of working where their CRM not only handles their transactions but does their marketing for them at the same time, Lifesycle is out of this world.”

Lifesycle has certainly kicked up a storm in 2021, with Christopher Watkin calling it “The Lamborghini of business generation software systems”.

Burgess continues: “We find that the perfect customer for Lifesycle ranges from brand new start to 3 or 4 branches, any bigger than that and the company has to have an incredibly strong leadership team to be able to turn the ship around due to the pressure of working a new way coming from all of the staff.

More recently there have been some agents that have not been able to get going with Lifesycle as quickly as they might have liked and Burgess says: “We don’t have any problems in dealing with the demand from agents, per se, but of course along with the software we have a coaching programme, workshops, training, etc, so we do have to put some limits around our numbers to ensure we are able to give the right customer experience. Just signing up and hoping for the best is not the right way forward with Lifesycle, we put on the coaching programmes for a reason and those that invest the time and follow the programme have outstanding results that are literally so good they are hard to believe.”

You can learn more about Lifesycle here. Or alternatively you can take an online test to benchmark your agency and see how much Lifesycle might help improve your agency here.

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    Carlsberg don't make CRM systems...but if they did...

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    Have been on Lifesycle just over 18 moths now. It has improved our client/customer interaction massively. It is a very powerful tool in our approach to our business and has become an essential part of our business


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