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Ex-Countrywide man launches “world’s most intelligent” portal

A new portal launches today with 100,000 listings and a pledge to target buyers largely ignored by established websites - investors.

It’s called Property.xyz and is free to agents and consumers; it boasts a confident mission statement - “Building the world's most intelligent property platform.”

It’s the brainchild of Robert Jones who has 15 years in the industry, including agency experience having worked for Countrywide brand Beresford Adams, and PropTech expertise having set up the Propertyinvestmentsuk website.

“We have developed the first phase which starts with a property search portal designed by investors for investors, driven by data and to use intelligent search, sort, filters and research to find buy to let property investments across the UK” Jones told Estate Agent Today over the weekend.

From today, he says investors will be able to choose from over 100,000 properties and get detailed data on any one of them in under five seconds. 

“This is a specific niche that is often overlooked; often agents are unsure on how to directly market to this buyer segment. However as buyers, they are extensive and interested in a range of properties from one bedroom apartments to four bed detached houses. The demand is varied and great” he adds.

Jones says that while his new venture does not have the marketing budget of the established portals, it possesses advantages that larger rivals do not have in terms of targeting specific investor clusters.

“Often these buyers are active in property communities and forums, or are searching organic search in Google. Many also rely on recommendations from letting agents on what might make a good buy to let and this is where partnerships can really excel, and providing other features like our 'research' feature, where a buyer can research any property in just a couple of seconds. So it's valuable for buyers and agents” insists Jones.

“With a focused approach we believe we can generate quality 'new' inquiries for agents where they may not have had insight or access to property investors previously” he continues.

“This is with a combined approach of SEO organic, by creating data rich landing pages for buyers coming from Google organic searches. [We also use] paid digital with Google Ads and Youtube, which has great matching with property buyers in the investor market but has been typically harder for larger portals to focus on with their wider approach and their focus on website visitor quantity not active buyer quality” 

Through his existing Propertyinvestmentsuk website, Jones - who founded the new service with future technologies expert Dr Simone Di Cola - believes he has a ready-made database of potential users of the new service.

You can see the new portal here.

  • Andrew Stanton CEO Proptech-PR    Proptech Real Estate Influencer

    At long last an investor portal, a specific piece of crafted technology that the industry and the investor buyer has been crying out for. The pandemic is now showing that there are really great solutions for large numbers of people 'doing property' that old fashioned one dimensional portals do not cater for. This platform gives key insights and meaningful data.


    Stanton talking nonsense and puffery, as always

  • icon
    • 24 August 2020 00:28 AM

    Absolutely bonkers.
    Investors are getting out of the game NOT in!!

    With a dysfunctional repossession process and Govt effectively supporting feckless rent defaulting tenants few investors will wish to get into the game
    BTL investors like me are desperate to sell up.
    We want out ASAP.
    Control is being removed from LL.
    BTL LL need rent to service their costs.
    Tenants have seen fit NOT to meet their contractual obligations.

    Only mortgage free investors should bother becoming LL.
    BTL is now far too risky to remain invested.

    Converting to FHL or a resi taking in lodgers is the only way to avoid feckless rent defaulting AST tenants.

    That form of tenure is now a busted flush.

    Only very foolish investors will use leverage to get into the PRS with AST tenants.

  • Andrew Stanton CEO Proptech-PR    Proptech Real Estate Influencer

    Always good to hear from departed Prime Ministers and regarding looking to buy property as an investment since 1945 property has increased in value by nearly 3% every year in value, so those looking not to invest in property are perhaps being foolish. When I started in agency in 1985, average price of a modest home 29,000, so Paul I think that not everyone is looking at BTL as an instant moneyspinner, and as many can and do buy cash this also changes the dynamic. To have a site where serious buyers can see what is best to buy for them has to be a good thing.

    • 24 August 2020 06:47 AM

    Good for cash rich buyers.
    Totally agree.
    But BTL should be discouraged.
    Few investors are sufficiently resilient they require leverage

    Quite frankly landlording needs to be left for the rich.

    The dysfunctional eviction process or rather repossession process makes BTL too risky.

    But I can see the point of such a facility fir those that can invest without needing leverage


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