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Too few photos in listings is key concern of buyers and renters - survey

A survey of 2,750 buyers and tenants has revealed the aspects of online property listings which they find most annoying.

The single most frustrating aspect of listings is seeing too few photographs of a property - some 82 per cent say fewer than 10 images is too few. In addition, 75 per cent say unflattering or poor quality images are also a recurring problem.

A dull description comes second, with 80 per cent saying it turns them off.


Almost as many - 79 per cent - say they find the absence of any video of the property annoying, while 70 per cent say a confusing or unclear floorplan is a pet hate of theirs when studying properties online.

Other high priority issues found amongst buyers and renters responding to the study - which was commissioned by financial services company Bankrate - were shoddy or messy interiors revealed in the listings, poor English in the written descriptions, and the feeling that the property was over-priced. All these aspects rankled with at least 50 per cent.

“An unkind own estate agent” marketing the property was seen as an issue for 42 per cent of respondents. 

Perhaps surprisingly an overgrown garden featured in the images of a property listing was seen by only 13 per cent of respondents as a significant issue.

  • Matthew Gardiner Legge

    I can see the problem. In Central London where prices and fees are high and professional photographers are plentiful and reasonably priced, an average of 6 good quality images is sufficient together with a clear, easy to read floorplan is easily attainable. Ten photos would, in my opinion, be the limit. Where the quality of housing stock isn't so great and fees are low, the agent might not have access to an army of professional photographers or can't afford them (or both) and the result is bad quality photos taken by the neg on his iPhone. Add in a scruffy unkempt property and you have a problem. I suppose the answer here is for the agent to up his camera skills and get busy with impromptu house cleaning .


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