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PropTech firm offers agents ‘most important service since dawn of internet’

PropTech start-up BestAgent is to stage a day-long event for suppliers to the agency industry later this month.

This follows BestAgent founder Charlie Wright saying his team has built “the most important new platform the residential property industry has seen since the dawn of the internet” which allows any supplier to offer its product to any agent using any existing CRM system.

He says this is the first time the industry has had a design purpose-built to solve “the most pervasive problem faced by all agent and all suppliers: integration, or lack of it.”


In a blog, Wright targets independent agents: these have been the focus of a flurry of initiatives in recent weeks, including Graham Lock’s Federation of Independent Agents, Iain White’s Innovation Collaboration Group and most recently the launch of Simon Whale’s Kerfuffle. 

Wright’s take is that every agent, “with no exceptions that we know of,” suffers from some duplication of data entry, multiple logins to multiple dashboards for multiple staff at multiple stages of the moving process, making it which he calls “a daily grinding nightmare.”

He describes the platform his team has created over the past three years as “a technical monster and masterpiece” and goes on to say: “Conceiving, designing, speccing and building a platform to allow an unlimited number of suppliers to connect to an unlimited number of agents has been a world-class challenge.”



He adds: “BestAgent is one of the first, if not the first, live enterprise application in the UK or Europe using a 100 per cent serverless architecture. Without this, it simply would not have been possible. Other companies using this technology include Netflix, Coca Cola, the BBC and Expedia. Its use requires a complete departure from conventional application architecture.”

BestAgent claims over 100 suppliers to its Marketplace platform and the event later this month - described as an open discussion day, with a demo of BestAgent - is for new suppliers wanting to join. 

You can read Wright’s blog here.

  • Babonday Brian

    Great idea, but apart from a few pens and a pc once in a while, what products do I need?

  • Mike Lewis

    I have managed to become paperless (cloud based files, iPad and iPencil, etc etc) but at the end of the day estate agency/property is all about people, not technology. We make our living by accumulating in-depth knowledge of our respective markets and putting deals together with people who we know are in that market with genuine requirements ,which we then manage through the legal process up to completion. "Prop tech" has it's place but an over reliance is dangerous in my humble opinion.

  • icon

    “the most important new platform the residential property industry has seen since the dawn of the internet”!!!

    “a technical monster and masterpiece”!!

    Nah, think I'll pass.....


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