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Is yours a family-run agency? If so, you could be a reality TV star

A TV production company is looking for family-run estate agencies to be considered for a possible reality TV show.

Curve Media - the firm behind the recent BBC success Our Dementia Choir with Vicky McClure - says it’s been approached by two major TV networks to create a pilot show featuring family-run agencies.

Estate Agent Today has been told by Naomi Channell, the casting producer for Curve Media: “Ideally we’d be looking at an estate agents based anywhere in the UK with three or more members of the same family working within the business


“Many myths and assumptions about agents and the market are in constant circulation and it would be great to give a business the opportunity to lead us through what it takes to be an estate agent - the challenges, the pay-offs, the stream of different vendors coming into contact with agents and the real human interest side of buying and selling and renting and letting.”

Channel says it’s likely that there would be only one agency shown on any future possible series in order to allow audiences to “really get to know the characters within the business.”

If the series is commissioned, there would be a team of researchers working with the agents to establish which staff and clients agreed to being on camera. 

“We would hope that the series would be beneficial for the business involved, with clear exposure of their business and where they are based. We of course would only film what was permitted and we hope that we would build a positive relationship with the business in the hope subsequent series would follow. If commissioned this of course would be a paid opportunity for the business involved” she explains.

Channell says the format and feel of the programme would be a little like the Inside Hotel Chocolat and Liberty of London series.

If you think you fit the bill and want what sounds like a lot of exposure for your agency, contact Curve on naomichannell@curvemedia.com.  


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