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Ban Gazumping! And limit overseas ownership of homes, while you're at it...

Gazumping is the biggest irritation in the property market to the general public according to a survey of over 2,000 people. 

Respondents were questioned on the extent to which they supported 11 proposed property sector reforms, ranging from laws on gazumping to changes to stamp duty. 

The research, conducted for specialist lender Market Financial Solutions, shows that 55 per cent strongly supported new laws to prevent gazumping.


Almost as many - 52 per cent - believe caps should be introduced to restrict the number, value or location of properties that can be bought by non-UK residents.

Some 49 per cent would welcome powers to review rent rises on individual properties while 62 per cent of those who own second or additional properties - a small minority overall - want reform of inheritance tax.

More than half of renters with no intention of buying also support having council tax for rental properties paid by the landlord.

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    Council tax paid by the landlord when we all know it’s an occupancy charge? Ok, that’s my rents up by £178 a month then...

     G romit

    it supports my theory that 99.9% of the population haven't a clue how business works and in particular that the costs of a business have a bearing on the price they pay.

    The Government plays on this all the time, they load up business with taxes and let the retailers take the blame for higher prices. Their masterstroke is Sec.24 massively raising taxes on Landlords which guess what? is feeding through into higher rents, homelessness rising, people on Housing Benefit unable to find properties to rent because the rent is too high, and the greatest of them all is Local Council now spending a small fortune on temporary accommodation far out waying the taxes actually raised (just 31 London Boroughs spent £690m last on temporary accommodation versus Sec.24 expected to raise £668m pa countrywide when fully rolled out). Gun - foot -shoot! AND guess who is going to foot the bill? Ans the taxpayer!! So let's start the cycle again and raise taxes even further DUH!!
    You couldn't make it up!! all the ingredients for a good old British farce.

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    Yet another move which will exclude benefit tenants, a move too far which will permanently exclude them. It is difficult enough just to collect basic rent from benefit tenants without having to collect Council Tax in addition.

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    Banning - or at least strictly limiting - foreign ownership of UK property would be very popular in the country. I think Corbyn will look seriously at this when he is PM (6 months or so).


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