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Revealed: Top 20 features that sell vendors' homes

New research has identified homebuyers' top 20 'must-have' features that would encourage them to purchase a seller's property.

According to the survey of 2,000 people, commissioned by Gocompare.com, central heating is the top must-have feature for buyers.

This is followed by double glazing, a garden, secure doors and windows and a driveway or dedicated parking space.


Other notable features included in the top 20 are a reliable broadband connection that is strong enough to stream TV, friendly neighbours, a bath and a good energy efficiency rating.

The study notes that several 'must-haves' of the past, including period features and conservatories, didn't make the list.

What's more, only 13% of participants indicated that they felt highly rated schools to be a 'must-have' property feature.

"We found that many potential buyers are prioritising efficiency, security and connectivity over aesthetic features," comments Gocompare spokesman, Matt Sanders.

"This suggests that modern buyers are buying with their heads rather than their hearts and that investing in things like a new boiler, additional electrical sockets or modernising home insulation could be a smarter investment than traditional selling points." 

Sanders adds: "It is surprising to see previous must-haves such as good schools and conservatories fail to make the top 20.” 

“However, our research shows that buyers are becoming more financially savvy and are willing to make compromises on the finer details of a property to keep costs down and avoid expensive work in the future."


The complete top 20 is reproduced in full below:

1. Central heating
2. Double glazing
3. A garden
4. Secure doors and windows
5. Driveway or dedicated parking space
6. Plenty of electrical sockets
7. Local shops and amenities
8. A good, reliable broadband connection strong enough to stream TV and films
9. Friendly neighbours
10. At least 2 toilets
11. A bath
12. A good energy efficiency rating
13. A new boiler/central heating system
14. A reliable, clear mobile phone signal
15. A shower cubicle
16. A garage
17. Cavity wall insulation
18. A land line telephone
19. A living room big enough for a large, flat screen television
20. A dining room

  • David Bennett

    What happened to location, affordability? Must have questioned wannabe home owners, not serious buyers. I mean, good energy rating? No21 maybe! Pointless survey.

    Algarve  Investor

    Location and affordable might not be counted as features, I suppose. They are things that are taken into consideration before you go to view a home. If those factors aren't already satisfactory, you are unlikely to take any further steps.

    Then, when you are ready to buy, the features outlined above become the most important things.

    As for energy ratings - why wouldn't people take that seriously? A home with a better energy rating can save you plenty. It might not be a top priority for me, but it'd certainly be in my top 20. Better energy rating means lower energy costs - sounds good to me.

    Rob  Davies

    All surveys are a bit pointless, when you think about it. They're very rarely representative, just the opinions of a small pool of people. If lots of surveys over time start to throw up familiar sorts of results, then you can start to look for correlations, trends and patterns, but most surveys will all say something different.


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