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Shelter says many owners will struggle if mortgage payments rise £50

Campaigning charity Shelter predicts as many as four in 10 owners or renters in one part of the UK would struggle to afford their monthly payments if they increased by just £50.

Research, carried out online by YouGov on behalf of Shelter Scotland, found that nine per cent of existing owners and tenants are already struggling, while 18 per cent would struggle with an increase of £25 or less per month and a further 14 per cent would struggle with a £50 increase per month.

The research also showed that some 26 per cent said they were worried about not being able to pay for their rent or mortgage at some point during 2017, while eight per cent admitted they had at some time used a credit card to pay their rent or mortgage and nearly three in 10 had used their savings.

Shelter claims that around 30,000 households were made homeless in Scotland last year, with 10,500 forced to live in temporary accommodation, including 5,224 children. 

“Every day we hear from people who are living on a knife edge, overwhelmed by the increasing pressure of sky-high housing costs. Every day there are more calls to our free national helpline, dozens of people using our digital chat service and thousands of visits to our online advice pages” says a charity spokeswoman.

  • Brit Sixteen Sixty Four

    Yes we have a mass property bubble caused by irresponsible lending, cheap credit and mass fraud/laundering. The bubble is already popping in London and spreading to SE. What are they going to try to stop the crash this time with interest rates near 0?

  • icon

    This bunch of 'communists' (Shelter) are - in my view - wholly responsible for this Governments massive onslaught on ''Private Landlords''.

    This organisation has unwittingly (or maybe not!) caused Landlords to either quit the market or invest in other assets - in the belief this will ''help the homeless'' get homes.



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