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Activists plan "decisive" protest against Foxtons next month

Anarchist activists are organising what they call “the decisive battle against gentrification” - and it appears Foxtons is in the firing line.

In a message on the group’s website, the Class War anarchist organisation has posted a message: “Meet at 5pm @ Foxtons Islington Estate Agents, 355 Upper Street, Islington, N1 0PD.”

It concludes by telling supporters more information will be announced soon, and urges them to “bring noise!” to the protest. 


A Class War demo outside Boris Johnson’s home in Islington last month resulted in three Foxtons staff - described by the group as “drunken tosser estate agents” - being dismissed.

The London agency - which issued a profits warning shortly after the result of the EU referendum, and is forecasting a difficult autumn and winter because of the capital’s housing market problems - is no stranger to controversy.  

In spring 2015 some of the glass window fronting Foxtons’ Brixton office was broken and ‘Yuppies Out’ was graffiti’ed on the building. A month later the same branch was targeted again with more low-level vandalism.

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    I think its high time that the UK estate agency industry follows suit with the continental / global way of licensed practice. Clearly these people have issues with what is being done in the area, however is it really the estate agents fault? If there was something done to improve the public's very dated perception of the estate agency business then surely this would improve certain scenario's. Whilst I'm sure it wouldn't solve the impression of everyone it must do something if an agents credibility is seen to be more professional than cowboy? These people clearly like to take it out on the estate agent, but surely they must know we are acting on client instruction? Or is this just a London thing?

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    Shows the stupidity of some "Campaigners"

    1. It is not estate agents that are to blame for so called "gentrification" - Its market forces.
    2. Why single out Foxtons? many agents are based within the area.

    Without sounding a complete capitalist snob, if they put as much effort into their day to day jobs maybe they would climb the corporate ladder to be able to continue to live in their everso precious area.

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    It's about time these people washed their hair, had a shave and got themselves a job!


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