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Search company backs regulatory board in criticism of "very poor" councils

Conveyancing search company SearchFlow has joined the attack on councils which are slow at conducting searches and threaten to delay transactions.

Yesterday Estate Agent Today carried comments from the Property Codes Compliance Board raising concerns that while many councils are efficient, others were “very poor” in terms of the speed with which they complete searches. 

Now Maud Rousseau of SearchFlow has echoed the criticism. 


“The wide variation in service of delivering and allowing access to the LLC1 and CON29 [search documents] by local authorities is unacceptable. The time taken to access the searches not only varies geographically but whether it is provided directly by the council or required by a regulated personal search company” she says.

“It is inexcusable that the speed of service from local authorities is at the mercy of postcode lottery. We would like to see an analysis of the fastest and slowest performing local authorities which will helpfully highlight those that are carrying out best practice, and allow the industry to evaluate why the poorer performing local authorities take so much longer” urges Rousseau.


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