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Rightmove announces record visits and record leads for agents

Rightmove has announced a string of new records with visits in January up 21 million on the same period last year and enquiries to agents and developers hitting a new record of over 4.9 million.

There were over 127 million visits last month, up almost 20 per cent compared to January 2015, and surpassing the previous record of 118 million set in August 2015.

Email and phone enquiries hit over 4.9 million for the first time ever, a 15 per cent increase on last January, and higher than July’s previous record of 4.8 million.


The portal claims that collectively the nation spent the equivalent of over 2,000 years browsing Rightmove in January alone, and the busiest day was Tuesday January 26 with 4.7 million visits.

Page views for the month hit a new record of 1.7 billion, meaning people looked through over one million more pages of property than in January 2015.

“While January is usually a very busy month for home-hunting, the scale of these records shows just how habitual Rightmove has become when people are starting their property search” according to Rightmove director Miles Shipside.

In a subtle comment about the now-fragmented portal landscape, Shipside continues: “As Rightmove is the only place where people can search over one million properties for sale and to rent, it’s clear that buyers, renters, sellers and landlords are all using us to search the whole market.”

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    A think half of those visits were from my wife!!!

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    Is OTM a subsidiary of Rightmove?

    OTM = 6 million visits, RM = 127 million visits - and that is with OTM outspending RM!

    Anyone who believes that OTM can be a credible competitor to RM needs their head examining...

    Jon  Tarrey

    OTM has outspent RM? If that is the case, and I have no reason to disbelieve you, then that really is shocking.

    In what sense have they outspent them? On PR? On advertising?

    I don't think anyone actually believed that OTM could be a genuine competitor to RM, other than maybe Springett. I think they had more realistic ambitions to challenge Zoopla, but that's rather gone down the pan as well.


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