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Portal wars: OnTheMarket and Zoopla figures conflict again

The war of words and statistics between rival portals continues apace as OnTheMarket says its visits hit a record last month according to Google Analytics, while Hitwise data provided by Zoopla shows a very different picture.

OnTheMarket says it achieved more than 5.4m visits in August according to Google Analytics, which represents a rise of more than 220,000 compared to the previous month.

OTM also says it attracted more than 2.5m unique visitors, an increase of 100,000 compared with July.


“This is only the beginning” says Ian Springett, OTM chief executive. 

“Our traffic, agent membership and property listings all continue to grow month-on-month. We remain confident that it's only a matter of time before we overtake Zoopla as the number two portal in terms of property listings and then focus directly on providing agents and consumers alike with a credible alternative to Rightmove.”

However, data provided by Zoopla Property Group and collected by Hitwise, an independent internet monitoring company, shows OTM securing only 2,704,824 visits in August - that’s roughly half the figure shown by the Google Analytics data.

The Hitwise figures show Zoopla/PrimeLocation visits for August on 40,059,028 - that’s around 15 times the OTM total. 

Even if Hitwise is correct even ZPG’s visits in August are dwarfed by those for Rightmove, which secured 89,970,776.

OnTheMarket says it is running a “heavyweight TV advert campaign” during September, when it estimates its advertisement will run more than 2,500 times over three weeks. 

* Here’s a reminder that Estate Agent Today and Letting Agent Today readers have a unique opportunity this week to question Zooplas founder and chief executive Alex Chesterman on questions about his portals or the industry at large. Full details here.

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    But EAT, who should I believe?

    Hitwise, owned by Experian, a global data business, or Ian Springett?

    Hmmn, I wonder?...

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    Comparative figures on leads/enquiries would be more valuable but it doesn't look like we'll ever get those...

  • Simon Shinerock

    Our Rightmove rep just arrived driving a new Rolls Royce

  • Stephanos Constantinou

    I used to work for a Digital marketing company and my main duty was to read and analyse Google Analytics... Talking from experience; there is no way to change or produce fake data from Google. So I have no doubts in Mr. Ian Springett sayings. On the other hand we don't really know how Hitwise collect their figures and Data. As it says in the article above "However, data provided by Zoopla Property Group and collected by Hitwise"....

  • Simon Shinerock

    I agree Google is accurate, however you can still fudge the issue with careful semantics. I don't really see what the big deal is about here anyway, of course OTM traffic will be growing, albeit slightyfor the moment. What would be helpful would be a screenshot of the google data, that way everyone can stop speculating

  • Jon  Tarrey

    Lies, damned lies and statistics. You can make any stats fit your agenda if you try hard enough. That seems to be the case.

    Once again, the war of words between Springett and Zoopla is turning into a snooze-fest. It really is playground level stuff, isn't it?

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    stats, figures ect ect. I will never use OTM just because of there "one other portal" reich.

    OTM is about as relivent as Kerry katona.

  • icon

    Why don't they both use the same data house and then we can see who is telling porkies? Ah Mr Meldew, Kerry would be distraught to hear you say that she is not relevant - does the occasional appearance on Good Morning Britain not count as relevant anymore?

  • icon

    Who the hell cares? It's not important.

  • icon

    Do you have any plans to dispose off rest of your remaining shares?

  • Tim Gorgulu

    I agree John -there would be a lot less room for debate if they were both using the same data house. It seems as if both sides are fighting a propaganda war more than anything else!

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    A ended up talking to someone who works at OTM (Mr P Milligan) and after a few drinks he told me that the figures the company are putting out are page views NOT unique visitors.
    When I read about all the agents talking about not getting any calls or emails from OTM it makes sense.
    Property Investor.


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