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More details emerge about PurplebricksPurplebricks.com, an online agency being launched next month with high volumes of investment from businessmen linked to the Capita outsourcing giant, has revealed more details about how it is likely to operate.

It describes itself as the world's first 24/7 estate agent that combines the human face of the estate agency model with a unique, interactive digital approach.

In addition to an online offer it will have unspecified full time dedicated support from a team of highly trained and experienced local property experts.

Customers selling their property can book a free valuation before paying a fixed fee of £599 inclusive of VAT. In return they will get written details, floor plans, professional photographs and a listing on all major portals including Rightmove, Zoopla and Primelocation.

EAT reported earlier that week that landlords are also being courted by Purplebricks' planned lettings service, which costs £199 including VAT.

The site has now named Ventrica (an outsourcing company) as the provider of its customer contact services.'


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    Erm... maybe because you are posting your complaint[b] here [/b]on a property industry forum and[b] not on [/b]Trustpilot...

    • 04 February 2015 20:04 PM
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    My daughter has contacted and had a visit from Purple Bricks. They asked for 800 up front despite their ads stating no money upfront (which is usual). Why aren't these reviews on the Trustpilot site

    • 04 February 2015 18:50 PM
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    It's interesting to read these posts. I have just used Purplebricks to market my property in Reading. To be honest the service was no different fom using any other Estate Agent apart from the fact that it has no shop front and cost a 5th of the price of using one of my local agents. Yes, you agree to pay for the service, regardless of a sale, but you don't have to pay upfront. They market the property online like every agent around my way does, so no difference there. I would cover this by saying the area I live in is a popuar area to live, so agents around this way tend to make money for doing nothing much in the way of marketing a property. The local representative in this area has been great, always available and very helpful. There are some things in their online system that I thought could be better, but then I am a web developer so I would see how improvements could be made. In terms of the comments about outsourcing management of the sales process, I would say (having sold 4 other properties previously) that every other agent I've used has used some kind of call centre set-up. The sales process from my perspective has worked well. I have been involved in every step of the process, I have wanted to be.That is the point of this sort of service, you should want to be involved in selling your property. If however you don't, then they will handle everything. For me this has been pretty much the easiest sales process I've gone through.

    • 23 January 2015 22:59 PM
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    This is a massive con. They rush to get you signed up, they don`t explain how their systems work and totally ignore your efforts make contact. They grab your money knowing they only have to create an advert and run. I had my house on the market for 7 days with them and removed after being messed around by the agent who we originally had visit. They make it really hard to contact anyone, the system crashes and is hard to use. I have now signed a traditional agent to sell my house. My advice, avoid at all costs

    • 08 December 2014 16:40 PM
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    If they aren't taking any fees in advance, what are the downsides As for "setting up the business to float" - how will that affect buyers/sellers as I can't imagine anyone would buy the business to summarily shut it down

    • 09 September 2014 14:17 PM
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    I have advertised and sold my property through Purplebricks, or should I say Rightmove, as all the potential customers came from the advert, placed by Purplebricks, on Rightmove.

    So why am I unhappy

    The back end system does not work that well and there are many flaws with it, including people able to book a viewing when I have the family round and set it for no viewings that day. I then had a guy call me from the call centre to ask what I was going to do about the viewing Why should I have to do anything How is it possible for them to book a slot that is not available

    It is not that easy to use and is certainly not user friendly, there is a lack of information that is easy to find, even trying to find my local agent to contact was not easy.

    Once you have had an offer you are just expected to click a button to accept it, there is no inforation to assist you in finding out if the buyer was suitably funded, so the system could end uop costing you valuable time and monmey by agreeing a sale with a numpty who has made the best offer.

    There are other services that are cheaper, the bottom line is that your paying to advertise on Rightmove, the rest of it is just hype...

    I have brought and sold many properties over many years and I agree with the concept that estate agents are not to be trusted, online services like purplebricks are run by estate agents but cheaper, that sums them up...

    • 29 August 2014 16:05 PM
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    hi I have just viewed a property with purplebricks,i like the property but is it safe to make an offer or is this some kind of scam .I would be grateful for any ideas

    • 07 June 2014 14:04 PM
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    I can agree with (already an ex employee).
    I think the basis of which they have created this brand is floored, such as taking all marketing and service fee's upfront. this leaves no drive or reason to actually get the property through to completion or even give good customer care.
    however the concept of an completely online estate agent is a great concept and in the right hands can be a huge success. the structure behind purple brick is more of a grab and run approach. this should not put honest online estate agents in bad light.
    There is a gap in the market appearing and this gap needs a successful online estate agent.

    • 05 June 2014 13:25 PM
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    If Purplebricks didn't float your boat, I am in urgent need of some experience for an early stage "lean" start-up. Integrity guaranteed. www.agencynegotiation.com

    • 20 May 2014 18:55 PM
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    Wait until you see the group of scam artists behind this, they have set up many a foolish ex estate agent like myself, drawn up contracts (CEO Michael Bruce has owned law firms before) that leave all self employed agents with no basic, without a leg to stand on when it comes to purple bricks taking back the territory original offered once that persons time and effort has gone in to build up anything that the general public actually buy into. Purple bricks are using up and letting people go in huge numbers to try and get this mammoth task off the ground, the aim of purple bricks is to get as many homeowners on board as quick as possible nationally (tv adverts are about to air) and float the company before getting out as I'm sure anyone would guess this isn't a viable long term idea, someone will always do it cheaper and make it easier, these guys are not even targeting customer service as a reason to use them over any other cheaper online agency as they outsource all there customer service issues to a sub contracted call centre (they are calling them central property experts) they haven't a clue about property, property law or anything they are suppose to be an "expert" in, these will be the people dealing with the sale (legal matters included) of the majority of people's most valuable personal asset. Luckily I managed to get out before investing too much time and money into purple bricks, others are not as fortunate as myself. They have all the media teams on board to make sure comments like this don't stay around for long so tomorrow this will of probably disappeared. Concept and software well constructed! Management and strategy very dangerous.

    • 01 April 2014 22:53 PM
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    Unfortunately EAT/LAT have taken a different approach since January this year.

    If they want to be taken seriously they need to get back to basics, stop this big drive for revenue and instead put out impartial news stories that people can comment on.

    Editorial and advertising should be two completely different departments.

    • 22 March 2014 12:04 PM
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    EAT/LAT. Please stop continuously giving free 'headline publicity' to a load of 'chancers' who know very little about the industry and come and go like night & day. Instead please, if you have the staff to do so, provide new information for the existing real professionals to discuss.

    • 21 March 2014 14:28 PM
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    How much do traditional estate agents get paid by the hour for marketing properties online Am looking forward to hearing more about them! There must be a catch.

    • 21 March 2014 13:37 PM
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    Outsourcing customer contact .... customers are going to love that - not!
    so here it is :- you give me 600 I'll give you a set of details and a floorplan and then when you want to find out why your house hasnt sold dont call me call my "customer contact centre" which we dont even operate - the more that comes out about this the more of a scam it appears!

    • 21 March 2014 11:43 AM
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    How is this 'more details' The use of Ventrica Do we yet have any idea who the office cleaners are likely to be

    • 21 March 2014 10:39 AM
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