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Interview of Craig Fenner
Written by the Estate Agent Today team
Craig Fenner, a Customer Success Director at Feefo

Who are you?

I’m Craig Fenner, a Customer Success Director at Feefo.  I work directly with Feefo’s Enterprise clients to ensure they have the best strategic advice when using our platform and that everything aligns with their business direction. I also help head up the Customer Success team; we collectively work with a vast portfolio of property clients including, Connells, Countrywide, and Andrews.

What is Feefo and how does it work with estate and letting agents?


Feefo is a customer reviews and insights platform that allows our clients to connect directly with their customers, generate great results and get a clear and accurate view of their business.

Within the property sector, Feefo helps businesses gain a full understanding of their customer lifecycle by giving them the tools to collect feedback and insight across the entire customer journey. Our clients can see where their customers are happy (and unhappy) at each stage of the process, enabling them to make improvements to their customer experience. Property reviews also build trust with both vendors and house buyers, helping our clients to improve customer acquisition.

What do you see as the biggest challenge facing estate and letting agents at the moment?

Well, the obvious one is Covid-19! This is an unprecedented situation for both homeowners and estate agents. The biggest challenge is alleviating consumers’ fears and anxieties about the property industry, so agents need to start planning how they’re going to hit the ground running once lockdown is over and reassure consumers that it’s still a good time to buy and sell.

How can Feefo help with those challenges?

I think there are a couple of key words here; transparency and reassurance. This is something we are all asking for in the daily updates from the government, and consumers are going to need this from the property industry too.

Feefo allows agents to deliver real, honest review content to your customers at the relevant stages of the buying cycle, so they can read feedback from other consumers going through the same process. We can also help agents understand what the key customer trends are for their business, so they know what their customers need from their service and adjust it accordingly. This will allow them to deliver the best experience possible to their clients, even under difficult circumstances!

What makes Feefo stand out from the competition?

Feefo only gathers verified reviews, which means agents can trust the feedback they receive comes only from people who have actually used their service. But the biggest thing that makes us standout is how we understand our client’s individual needs and work with them to ensure we are helping them achieve their business objectives.

What is the most satisfying part of your job?

Creating a true partnership with our clients and helping them achieve their goals.


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