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Interview of Iain White
Written by the Estate Agent Today team
Iain C. White, Estate Agent Consultant

Who are you?

Iain White, Business Consultant and, most importantly, father to 4 boys.  I travel frequently with work so to relax I do a lot of fishing and I also scout for a well-known professional football club.  In my spare time you will find me coaching a senior adult football team.

How long have you been in estate agency?


I’m a career estate agent, having started when I was 15 and now with 32 years under my belt.  During my 22 years with Romans, I was MD as well as a shareholder, and I have been instrumental in the group’s growth and impressive results.

What is your passion?

I live to coach and help agents build a positive culture designed to drive growth and improve market share.

Aren’t you a partner in Agency Mentors?

Yes, I am one of 4 equal partners in Agency Mentors.  The concept of Agency Mentors is something I strongly believe in: providing exceptional and powerful training that will aid business success. This, combined with my love for coaching is why I got involved. 

What is Agency Mentors?

A unique training platform created by estate agents, for estate agents that delivers sustainable and measurable results through a skilled team of mentors, all of whom have had very successful careers in their respective fields. 

What do you see as the biggest challenges facing estate agents?

Attracting and retaining talented people is, in my opinion, the single biggest challenge facing estate agency businesses today.  The team is an agency’s most valuable asset; they drive a business and can determine its success, but it’s down to agents to build a culture that attracts and retains talent.

How can Agency Mentors assist estate and letting agents?

We work directly with the business leaders to improve the knowledge, ability and mindset of the team.  Our mentors advise on how to set up the right culture and the best systems and processes to fit that culture and to attract, develop and retain the very best talent out there. We deliver measurable growth to our clients and we see ourselves as partners in their businesses. 

How do you identify training needs?

As a consultant I have had the honour of being welcomed into many estate agencies across the UK and overseas, as have some of my business partners.  We can see common trends and industry needs and we know, through our connections, the best person in the industry to deliver that training.

Why should an agent attend an Agency Mentors training course?

The strategies presented by the mentors are proven and get results.  In a recent Business Generation and Prospecting course attended by 20 people, in just 90 minutes the agents booked over 100 appraisals.

For further information on Agency Mentors and their training courses www.agencymentors.com


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