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Interview of Carl Brignell
Written by the Estate Agent Today team
Carl Brignell, Elite Panel Management Director

What does it say on your business card?

Just ‘Director’ – I’m involved in every area of the business at the moment.

What is Elite Panel Management?


In short we are a conveyancing panel manager, we work with estate agents and lawyers to provide market-leading conveyancing solutions.

The market is awash with conveyancing providers and panel managers, what makes you different to the others?

There is an increasing amount of noise from new and old conveyancing providers in the marketplace and yet everybody still seems to be saying and doing the exact same thing. Many have witnessed a general decline in service standards within the conveyancing market over the last decade and this has provided the opportunity for a new, quality-focused conveyancing provider in the form of Elite.

The key driver for Elite is to improve the quality and speed of conveyancing services by combining the strongest team of qualified lawyers and cutting edge technology. This is epitomized by our 30 days to exchange guarantee*.

Being ready to exchange contracts within 30 days seems ambitious, how will you achieve this?

Fundamentally by using a great team of qualified and like-minded lawyers.

Away from the larger conveyancing warehouses sits a robust network of firms with qualified, experienced and ambitious lawyers keen to fight for their market share. Elite provides the infrastructure through which they can now compete on a more level playing field and objectively demonstrate just how good they really are.

It is very much a team effort.

How do you know if this is what clients want?

I have spent over 20 years working with estate agents and lawyers in developing conveyancing services and what has been most notable of late is the number of clients asking if the lawyer is qualified and insisting upon being dealt with by just one person as opposed to a team of people.

We have now had a whole generation of movers experience the detrimental effects of over-worked and / or under-qualified lawyers and they are now being far more selective this time around.

What’s the biggest challenge facing Elite?

BREXIT - the same as it is for most of the property market at the moment. Political uncertainty always unsettles the property market.

However, on the plus side a tougher marketplace can cause agents to think more carefully about their recommended conveyancing partner and ensure their hard-fought pipeline is better looked after.

For further information on Elite Panel Management please see www.elitepanelmanagement.co.uk or telephone 0203 6375356.

* Terms and conditions apply.

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    Why doesnt the elite website mention the 30 day exchange guarantee or what the terms and conditions are?


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