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The trouble with traditional property portals, and how Zillios is spearheading the next step forward

05 August 2019 1919 Views
The trouble with traditional property portals, and how Zillios is spearheading the next step forward

Traditionally speaking, users who are looking to buy, rent, or sell their property to customers on an international basis have been stuck with substandard platforms. Zillios.com is here to change all of that, with an innovative approach and a true dedication to providing international property hunters a platform to call home.

The trouble with the traditional portals

Up to this point, the large majority of portals have focused almost, if not completely, exclusively and domestic properties. If a portal has international properties available, they’re likely in an obtuse sub-section of the website and there may only be a few to choose from. This has led many users looking to market their property, or searching for a property, to become highly disenfranchised with the marketplace.

There has also been consistent disapproval of the time taken for communication to pass through intermediaries and third parties. This is made even worse with sometimes cloudy approaches to red tape, along with cost-prohibitive listing fees and hidden charges. All of these make marketing one’s property on a traditional portal a rather tall investment – one few are willing to make when the market is so starved of proper features.

International property is always an alluring prospect, however – the pull of a holiday let or sunny home to retire to is strong. So there’s a large segment of the property marketplace that has been considerably ignored. That, however, is all changing thanks to Zillios.

The new way of international property searching

Zillios is taking the international property market a step forward – providing an intuitive hub from which to find a dream property abroad. The portal has been tailored to suit the needs of property owners, property hunters, and estate agents alike. With over a million properties to choose from in 500+ of the world’s most beautiful and popular locations, Zillios is spoiling customers for choice.

Those who are looking to sell or let their property also benefit from using Zillios. There are no hidden fees, no surprise charges, and no listing costs. The innovative use of pay per click means that users have the final say of where their property appears in the search listings, depending on their budget.

The whole communication process is made much easier. There’s no waiting for weeks on end – users can simply talk to one another in real time and get instant answers. Add to that the implementation of blockchain, specifically smart contracts, and the whole payment system is more secure and accessible than legacy portals.

Getting involved in the revolution

Zillios is looking to take the international property market a step forward, but it can’t do it alone – funds are currently being raised through an ICO. Visit Zillios.io for more information.

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