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MyBid4It offers exclusivity benefits for Estate Agents…

26 June 2019 40707 Views
MyBid4It offers exclusivity benefits for Estate Agents…

MyBid4It is an online auction platform which has been developed to partner with Estate Agents and revolutionise the way properties are bought and sold across the UK.

Why MyBid4It?

As an ex-Estate Agency owner, Charlie MyBid4It’s MD, has experienced the frustrations of the sales process through many buyers and sellers and was determined to improve the process for the industry as a whole.

The overarching aim of this bespoke platform is to combine the best aspects of property auctions and Estate Agents for both buyers and sellers. By putting the process in the public domain, buying and selling properties becomes accessible, quick and easy, with no fear of gazumping!

What’s in it for Estate Agents?

By partnering with Estate Agents, MyBid4It will allow them exclusivity in that geographical region. They will then be able to extend their service offering, providing a fuller product range to suit the needs of all their clients in this tech-driven world, whilst maintaining the personal touch.

It is a win: win situation that is completely transparent, efficient and reduces the dreaded fall-though rate, whilst still achieving the best price. Agents who use this custom designed platform can experience a great range of benefits:

  • Exclusivity – you will have the sole agency rights to offer our service in your area.

  • Ability to compete with online agency fees – you can offer the seller 0% commission.

  • Reduced fall-through rates – buyers will have undertaken extensive property checks and paid a 2.5% non-refundable reservation fee (min £4,000).

  • Staff time reduction, due to multiple party negotiations.

  • All instructions deliver 1.5% fee of the sale price (minimum £2,500).

  • Best market price achieved.

MyBid4It also supports the buyer journey

The online auction process, designed to be quick and easy, is fast becoming the most popular method of buying and selling property. It is a transparent process for buyers where upfront information about the property allows them to make informed decisions about their purchase. All supporting documentation about the property is online for reference and peace of mind.

Below are listed some of the advantages of buying property this way:

  • Transparency – all offers are negotiated in the open, nothing is hidden from public view.

  • Security – win the bid, pay the fee and the property is secured.

  • Speed – complete within 42 days.

  • Open Market Values – the final price is set by the market, not by the agent or vendor.

MyBid4It helps simplify the selling process

Meanwhile, those selling their property, will benefit from not only lower selling rates, but also an efficient way to achieve a quick and secure sale.

  • 0% commission – no Estate Agency commission.

  • Best market price achieved – competitive bidding will ensure you achieve the best possible price for your property.

  • An undisclosed reserve price – this is set separately to your marketing price so you will reach a value you are happy with for the property to sell for.

  • Funds received quickly – buyer deadline 42 days to complete.

  • Reduced fall-through rate – buyers will have undertaken more extensive property checks and committed to a non-refundable reservation fee.

MyBid4It ultimately improves the process of how properties are bought and sold, to make the process simple and transparent for all involved. With our dedicated team’s outstanding reputation and knowledge in the property industry, you know you are guaranteed to receive a first-class service, both as an Estate Agent and as a buyer or seller.

Interested in partnering together? Curious? We’re happy to answer any questions you may have regarding MyBid4It and online auction platforms, so please do email Charlie on; charlie.lancaster@mybid4it.com or visit our website www.mybid4it.com 

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