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Written by Mike Jones

A new website has been set up aimed squarely at helping estate agents generate new business.

needavaluation.com promises to put prospective vendors looking to sell their properties directly in touch with local estate agents.

The site has been set up by the team behind property portal needaproperty.com, which has more than one million unique visitors per month and also provides its browsers with a direct link through to needavaluation.com

According to the firm which developed needavaluation.com, the site is fast and simple to use.

Users’ average time spent on the site is usually high with visitors checking out the sale prices of all their friends' and families’ homes, as well as their own.

Visitors simply type in the postcode of the area they are interested in, and every property in that postcode and all their sale prices since 1999 are listed.

The site also provides a tool whereby local estate agents can be contacted and discounts offered to homeowners.

needavaluation.com CEO Scott Green said: “This site is already incredibly popular with potential new clients for estate agents and it drives these new referrals to estate agents and lettings agents for valuations. Visitors can also look at any property and see the last time it was sold and for how much, as well as other properties in the same area.”



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    I too know thousands of fellow agents who wouldn't say that....

    The giveaway was .... "Not only that"

    Tut tut tut

    • 22 January 2014 16:11 PM
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    Hmmm... 'Phoebe'.

    Someone asked which Agency she works for/owns/whatever. Judging by the content of her comment I'm surprised that she was able to prise herself away from 'Liking' Facebook pages to bother.

    (Note to NaV's PR bods - if you're going to post comments - MAKE THEM BELIEVABLE.)

    I know HUNDREDS of Estate Agents - and not ONE of them would put finger to keyboard/smartphone to type "...its free; not only that, the leads are real good too :)"

    • 22 January 2014 15:40 PM
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    "having checked it out.. Free is a little overpriced"

    Classic comment !! Made me laugh

    • 22 January 2014 15:18 PM
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    Well Spotted.... I have paid £0 and still feel cheated!!

    • 22 January 2014 15:09 PM
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    Anyone looking to the right of the 'page' will note and no doubt nod knowingly that the company heading this 'service' are advertising. Of course there are a number of positive comments coming out of the woodwork to balance out those negatives - it is in the best interests of the advertiser.

    WHERE they are coming from is the real issue, I would suggest...

    Mind you - best comment of the lot has to be "... good return on my investment and the trial has cost me £0."

    Yeah - hard to demand a refund on those terms! ;o)

    Mr Wells - I noted that you were checking out this outfit on your Tw@tter page - but as I don't Tw@t I wasn't able to comment. Good luck with your free trial - I sincerely hope that you will give us all your unbiased opinions as this gets under way.

    Personally, having checked it out online I think 'Free' is a little overpriced and wouldn't spend that amount - but I'm willing to be converted by your or other GENUINE posters' experiences, Sir...

    Oh - by the way - the links you are posting on your page to some media thingummyjig appear to be Trojans. Three separate computers running AVG and Avira won't allow access. Are you trying to shut us all down electronically to gain that competitive edge you strive for? ;o)

    • 22 January 2014 15:06 PM
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    Was thinking that as well. We have been with them for ages on a 'free trial' and the results have been nil. Phoebe - what agency are you from ??

    • 22 January 2014 14:59 PM
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    Funny how 4 negative comments appear then 4 positive.

    • 22 January 2014 14:20 PM
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    Yet another idea ttry take agents spend. Hold on there will another along tomorrow..................

    • 22 January 2014 14:14 PM
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    Agreed to a free trial in December, haven't heard from them since!

    • 22 January 2014 13:35 PM
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    We have just joined as part of the free trial but for what they charge per month for their sales portal we will more than likely be staying on board as long as we generate some business from it...

    Sales, applicants, valuations and instructions please!

    Fingers crossed...

    • 22 January 2014 10:57 AM
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    rubbish start to my trial in Nov but whatever you have done in Dec and Jan please continue getting loads of leads now.. a happy customer :)

    • 22 January 2014 10:49 AM
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    Well done Need a Valuation took another property on yesterday... if you could send me the leads that sells the property too that would be even better..... also good to see the leads of Need a Property are growing... had 5 yesterday !!!!! keep them coming please

    • 22 January 2014 10:47 AM
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    i have been on a free trial with them which ends 1st April, it was a slow start but i m now receiving quite a few leads and i must admit they are pretty good quality. I think they launched needavaluation last year not huge amount of leads but i have taken on 2 instructions so for in Jan.. good return on my investment and the trial has cost me £0. i think for £150 per month its good value and i will be staying on.... i hope they catch up with the big 2 and quickly....

    • 22 January 2014 10:43 AM
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    • 22 January 2014 10:11 AM
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    I’m with these guys and its free; not only that, the leads are real good too :)

    • 22 January 2014 10:08 AM
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    • 22 January 2014 09:43 AM
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    Whats the cost for the leads? Is it included in the monthly fee? What is the fee?

    • 22 January 2014 07:56 AM
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