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Written by rosalind renshaw

There were almost 90,000 UK residential property transactions in August, HMRC has reported.

The “seasonally adjusted” provisional figure – an estimate of 89,460 – was just 0.4% up on July, but 19.2% up on August last year.

The number of non-seasonally adjusted transactions was just over 100,000 and the highest since December 2009.

HMRC’s transaction figures bear little relation to the transaction data published by the Land Registry for England and Wales, although the Land Registry’s latest figures only go to May, when it says there were 62,651 transactions.

Another set of housing data was also published yesterday by high street banks. The British Bankers Association says that in August, banks issued 38,228 approvals for house purchase, up from the 37,428 in July, and from the 34,610 of August last year.


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    I keep hearing from politicians and vested interests that the only way to reduce house prices is to build more houses. This is complete pile of pish building more houses will have absouloutly no effect on prices unless you build substantially more than is totally required and enough to create a surplus in the south east.

    • 25 September 2013 13:04 PM
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