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It’s official – or as good as. According to the UK biggest property portal, using floor plans increases buyer interest by a whopping 30%!

This is revealed in a recent survey, published in a leading trade magazine, of the various marketing strategies employed by agents to try and make their properties stand out from the online crowd. In it, Rightmove’s Commercial Director Miles Shipside, quoting the portal’s own comprehensive statistics, is unequivocal: “Floor plans generate 30% more interest than properties without one,” he says. 

Why is this? “It’s all about people imagining themselves living there, and deciding whether they can fit their furniture in,” explains Shipside.

Of course, this revelation comes as no surprise to those nice people at Metropix, the leading supplier of floor plans and other advanced visualisation systems to the UK property sector. “We have always believed that floor plans have a dramatic effect in generating buyer interest – and consequently in attracting prospective vendors to agents that use them - and these figures from Rightmove prove it beyond any doubt,” says the company’s Brian Farrell.

And at a time when goods news for estate agents is very much at a premium, he added, “With our unique low-cost subscription floor plan service, agents can add this hugely powerful marketing tool to every single property on their books for less than £35 a month.”

30% more buyer interest on every property you list, and more prospective vendors beating a path to your door – all for around £1 a day. As no-brainers go, it certainly takes some beating!

For further information on any Metropix product, contact them direct at sales@metropix.co.uk, or by phone on 0845 838 5355.


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    chancer groves what you say is spot o. ive never used a floor plan and i sell more houses in my area than any of my competition. They are just a tool to impress.

    I think this is another bit of publicity for rightmove!

    • 27 March 2009 07:26 AM
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    Unconvinced. Floor plans may become of interest once a buyer has short listed a property but giving buyers too much information, particularly when not in direct communication such as through internet portals, can lead them to a decision not to view and dismiss a property based on a cold outline and existing room labels. This denies them first hand experience of what options there might be to reconfigure, re-arrange or extend the accommodation which can only be properly considered during a viewing. Put it another way – I’ve never had anyone say to me “I won’t view that property unless it has a floor plan” whereas I’ve had people say to me “I don’t like the layout of that one”. If potential viewers really want to know the layout then they can always ask! This is a tool developed for agents to impress vendors with and is becoming the norm as agents follow suit through fear.

    • 26 March 2009 19:26 PM
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    i disagree give to much away and buyers dont view, tease them with good particulars and good photography this works far better.

    • 25 March 2009 18:03 PM
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