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By Lily Spencer

Head of Marketing, Presence & Co


In the Presence of proud property professionals...

In celebration of International Women's Day, Tunbridge Wells property services company Presence & Co. proudly spotlights the exceptional achievements of our female workforce within the dynamic property sector. Acknowledging the historically male-dominated landscape, particularly in areas like maintenance, we are dedicated to cultivating a culture of inclusivity and diversity throughout our organisation.

International Women's Day serves as a global tribute to the myriad accomplishments of women, with its origins tracing back to 1909. Each year on March 8th, communities worldwide come together to honour the past and present contributions of women.

At Presence & Co., we take pride in our female colleagues within the property industry. From our Managing Director, Sheree Dawton, to departmental leaders like Sophie Meyer, who led the establishment of our sales and lettings branch, and Amanda Glover, whose expertise drives our health, safety, and environmental initiatives, and myself, Lily Spencer, behind all our marketing endeavours - our company is enriched by the remarkable talent and leadership of these exceptional women at every level.


In conversations with several of the remarkable women at Presence & Co., I had insights into their journeys and aspirations within the property industry. Amanda shared invaluable advice for aspiring women in the field, emphasising the importance of compassion and perseverance, stating, "Women possess the unique ability to infuse a building with the warmth and character that transforms it into a welcoming home."

Empowering future

As the Head of Marketing, I revealed my inspiration for entering the property domain, drawing from my background in marketing for the hospitality industry. I expressed excitement about the prospect of marketing diverse properties, each with its own distinct charm and history, remarking, "What an exhilarating industry to promote, with its array of beautiful homes and properties crafted for myriad purposes and spanning different eras."

When I asked Jessica Terry, our Property Assistant, about the most exciting developments or trends currently shaping the property market, she illuminated that the prevalence of hybrid work is here to stay, with a pronounced focus on home office design and the creation of functional yet aesthetically pleasing environments.

When asked about the best advice they've received from fellow women, the resounding sentiment echoed by all was to "believe in oneself and embrace authenticity wholeheartedly."

Today, let us exalt the myriad strengths and achievements of women throughout history, reaffirming our unwavering commitment to empowering future generations of women in the property sector and beyond.


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