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By Chris Brown

CEO, Hydrogard Legal Services


Safestyle's Halloween Horror

On Halloween eve, Safestyle decided to give everyone a real fright and announced the company had gone into administration. This has made over 600 people redundant with immediate effect and no further pay. Safestyle UK has been trading since 1992 and has had thousands of customers every year since then.

As such a large company, who additionally hired self-employed contractors to fit their windows, quality tracking became difficult.  

This situation has been all over the national press and you may think if you have had a Safestyle installation it’s all over for you with headlines like ‘Double-glazing customers set to lose money as Safestyle goes bust’ (The Times).


There is hope though, as legal protection can sometimes go beyond the company itself. Depending on factors such as payment method and date of installation, you may be able to get help under UK consumer protection regulations. Common problems associated with Safestyle products include but are not limited to draft around the frame, poor installation, doors dropping, handles sticking, locks jamming, and many consumers have suffered damage to their walls and render. If you currently have placed an order and handed over a deposit with Safestyle, there is no guarantee that you will get that back.

If you have a property with Safestyle insulation, and you have problems, what do you do? That’s where Hydrogard can step in to help. We have already had calls in from Safestyle customers looking for help with their product. Subject to a few conditions, we could help put the 10-year guarantee back in place, as well as claim back some of the financial interest on these installations. If you are having problems with Safestyle, or other home improvement products such as Spray Foam, Solar Panels, Air Source Heat Pumps, or anything else, give us a call at 08000 74 84 94 and speak to one of our advisors who will be able to help.


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