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By Lee Dahill

Director of Sales and Brand Management , Angels Media


Top 5 marketing trends in the property industry for 2023

As we’ve mentioned in other blogs, even though we’re going through uncertain times, this is the right time not only to keep your marketing activity, but also to increase it. If you don’t do it, your competitors will. So, you need to make sure that you are still at top-of-mind (TOMA) of estate and letting agents if you’re a supplier, or of vendors and landlords if you’re an agent.

But what are the right marketing actions to invest your money in 2023? What are the 2023 trends that will guarantee a higher chance of getting leads, business opportunities and more income?

Here at Angels Media, we’ve done some research, and we’ve found these 5 top trends for 2023:


Videos in vertical format: Reels, stories and Tiktok

Video content has experienced continued growth over the last few years, not only in property but in every sector. The number of videos watched online has nearly doubled since 2018.

Whatever product or service you offer to the industry, video content is probably the most effective way to advertise, provide educational content and engage your audience.

If you offer property photography for agents and you haven’t included short and vertical videos in your package, you’re missing a great opportunity to cover one of the biggest demands of agents.

Agents have recently gained interest in formats like Instagram Stories, as they can offer a great viewing experience and keep the audience interested without spamming or overwhelming the feeds. Young agencies are shifting to use TikTok and Instagram Reels as they’re great for listing exposure and highly engaging.

Educating agents on these aspects to make their marketing effective can be one of your competitive advantages.

Virtual tours

Linked to the video format, we have video tours. They rose in prominence in 2020 during the pandemic, to solve the problem and the struggles that agents faced to showcase properties in person, but they are now here to stay.

They’ve become a new and different way to view properties, and very convenient for some homebuyers or renters who live abroad or further away from the home they are looking to buy/rent.

They remain a highly popular feature that people look out for when they search for properties online and this will be likely to be like that not only in 2023, but in the long-term future.

Automation to generate and nurture leads

One of the best ways to optimise suppliers’ and agents’ time and their marketing efforts is to have an automation tool that, once you capture leads, nurtures them through the journey with personalised messages and sends them messages according to their interactions and level of engagement.

If your business doesn’t have the marketing processes automated, you might be not only wasting time and resources (both on workforce and money), but you’re also missing loads of opportunities to generate business that your competitors are potentially getting.

It doesn’t matter what product or service you offer - every business can design a bespoke funnel and nurture its leads or future vendors along the customer journey, giving them what they need when they need it.

Drones for videos/pictures and virtual staging and renovation

Forward-thinking agents are already including aerial photos and videos that help showcase properties and their surrounding amenities. These features will offer great added value for agents in 2023 and will become a must moving forward.

And as important as the outside, is the inside (if not more!). If a home is vacant and empty, buyers or renters might struggle to visualise themselves in there. To overcome this, agents can benefit from digital tools such as virtual staging.

Also, homebuyers can have a proper idea of how their future home could look through virtual renovations, by replacing flooring, adding or removing walls, or even adding an office (or why not? A pool!) in the garden.

Increased interest in sustainability

An increasing number of businesses, and the property industry is not an exception, are interested in adopting processes and actions that have an impact on the environment and help fight climate change.

Additionally, landlords and investors are becoming more concerned about these global issues that affect us all. So, businesses that offer sustainable features such as solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems or green roofs, have great opportunities in 2023 to advertise and offer free and valuable content for their audience – which is great to position the brand as an authority and generate trust.

But any company or agency can show their concern, interest and actions to fight climate change, and share them through their website, social media or other channels. And these companies and brands will likely become more and more desirable in the forthcoming months and years.

These are the top 5 trends that we’ve selected, but there are many more (social media, augmented reality, and chatbots, to name a few).

If you need help to make the most of your advertising for next year, we’ll be more than happy to help, especially if you supply any of the above products or services! Don’t miss out on the opportunities to help grow your business!

Call us on 0208 663 4989, or email lee@angelsmedia.co.uk and we’ll contact you asap to design your marketing campaign.

And of course…HAPPY 2023!!!

*Lee Dahill is Director of Sales and Brand Management at Angels Media, publishers of the Today sites


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