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By Lee Dahill

Director of Sales and Brand Management,, Angels Media


Brand marketing and personal marketing – why they go hand in hand

Brand marketing and personal marketing very often work well together and with the help of a robust marketing strategy they can be used to improve the prospects of your business.

First, what are the differences between the two? Well, brand marketing typically involves boosting a brand’s recognition and reputation in the hope of promoting a product or service. 

Meanwhile, personal marketing, also known as personal branding, focuses on the way members of the company promote themselves as a brand. Both types of marketing aim to achieve a positive reputation in their target market and boost recognition of said brand.


In this blog, we demonstrate how brand marketing and personal marketing can work together to put businesses in a better position to grow and receive more opportunities.

Market to create a positive impression

It is human nature to make judgments within the first few seconds of seeing a person or anything in sight. Therefore, good first impressions are necessary to successfully market services or products in the property industry. 

By getting the brand and personal marketing strategies on track, the overall impression among existing and prospective clients can be improved. 

Here at Angels, we understand that brand and personal marketing go hand in hand. This is why we offer services where brand marketing also combines aspects of personal marketing to increase professionalism and trustworthiness. The importance of building trust within a brand was discussed in depth in our previous article.

Our Guides and Tips section, for example, allows brands to market themselves through educational content about the property industry. But it also enables individuals to take credit for the work they have written, by being listed as the author, and position themselves as experts in the property market.

Another simple example of how this can be done is through our Feature articles. This could be shared on your brand’s Twitter profile, with personal marketing then achieved by tagging the individual who wrote the article. Doing so makes the article seem more personable because it puts a face behind the brand.


It is then down to these individuals to take control and go a step further by improving their online presence to give the right impression to their target audience, often by sharing widely on their own social media platforms.

Individuals who are behind the brand are encouraged to promote themselves effectively. This is done by supplying professional images of themselves as well as an interesting introduction about themselves in an ‘about me’ section.  

Make improvements to your social media

Businesses cannot continue to grow without increasing exposure which is why we encourage businesses to make use of social media to make the most of brand and personal marketing opportunities.

We have found that different features of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram support both personal and brand marketing.

Combining brand and personal marketing is essential to growing in the property industry, but employees must behave professionally online, otherwise this could negatively impact the reputation of the business.

Social media representation makes a difference with both brand and personal marketing. Nice images, good spelling and grammar, and clear messaging on social media from a brand and personal perspective will all help to improve the reputation of your business, by making it feel both professional and human at the same time.

Despite being slower to adapt compared to other industries, there is an increasing number of property influencers on social media helping to push personal marketing. These collaborations between brands and influencers bring new audiences to companies.

The more you work on your social media image on a personal and broader business scale, the greater the chances of your business being recognised.

Our in-house property journalists and content writers create bespoke content for a range of property industry clients. Any type of content, from blogs and newsletter articles to area guides and website copy, can be provided to suit your marketing strategy.

If you would like assistance with brand and personal marketing but you’re unsure about where or how to start, the Angels Media team will be happy to help you!

Just email us at lee@angelsmedia.co.uk or call us on 020 663 4989 and we’ll work together to devise the right campaign for you.

*Lee Dahill is Director of Sales and Brand Management at Angels Media, publishers of the Today sites


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