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By Trevor Youens

Senior Director of Residential Partnerships, MRI


Fixflo and MRI – A shared philosophy makes for a strong partnership

Guided by our philosophy of being open and connected, at MRI we are constantly evolving and developing relationships and partnerships with other solutions providers to ensure the best experience for our clients and agents.

Through MRI Agency Home, you can access all your apps and solutions within your tech stack, allowing you to seamlessly access integrated products from over 50 different partner solutions. One such solution is Fixflo, which has partnered with MRI to allow for effective working processes.

What is Fixflo?


Fixflo is an award-winning repairs and maintenance management module for letting agents. Established in 2013, Fixflo filled an important gap within the property management process, allowing tenants to log repairs and maintenance issues via a portal that connected to the property management team. Since then, Fixflo has become the market standard software for repairs reporting.

The benefits of the partnership

Offering demonstrable, real-time benefits which have earned exemplary feedback from clients, Fixflo’s partnership with MRI is one that is mutually advantageous. As a modular solution, it needs a flexible core solution like MRI Sales & Lettings with which to integrate and develop alongside to ensure it remains relevant and futureproof.

MRI can work with Fixflo to develop the company’s products, absorbing the strengths of the software into our core solutions. However, for both companies, the ability to offer a seamless experience for clients is the most compelling benefit.

A response to our clients’ needs

MRI’s philosophy of ensuring that products are developed and work in a way that is open and connected means that we partner with companies who we believe help us to produce a better experience for our clients, and there are a plethora of third-party applications available that genuinely enhance our clients’ workflows.

There are so many potential integrations out there, but those that really stick out for us are the ones like Fixflo, who have developed from a product used to simplify a maintenance issue to where we are today, where an entire part of the journey is delivered through a partner integration and helps the agent, the tenant, and the landlord.

Working with loyal early adopters, the integration between Fixflo and MRI products like MRI Sales & Lettings and MRI Qube PM has evolved, responding to the requirements of real clients.

This is all part of the shared philosophy of Fixflo and MRI, as explained by Rajeev Nayyar, Managing Director of Fixflo: “Having a commitment to connection means you’re not just investing at the outset for the build of a product, but you’re committing to iterating and improving and listening to customers.”

How to get the most out of the software with this integration

To ensure the partnership between MRI and Fixflo delivers properly for our clients, we spend a lot of time understanding their needs and requirements. The residential market is changing rapidly, and with that, the priorities of agents and property managers also change. In this way, we make sure that our clients can reap the benefits from MRI products and third-party solutions.

As part of the partnership, Fixflo can be fully integrated into our client’s tech stacks and easily accessed and managed via our Agency Home portal, which allows for easy use of multiple tech solutions and a reduction in duplication of effort.

In a recent survey conducted by MRI, it was revealed that agencies have a huge number of software suppliers, the average being 11, with some reporting as many as 30. At such high numbers of technology partners, it is important to ensure that every solution is being utilised by the team and delivers a demonstrable return on investment.

A large number of software partners can also represent a poisoned chalice, in that the efficiencies and benefits that the solutions offer are countered by their lack of integration with other products, leading to duplication of effort and an increase in manual processes. When solutions are developed to integrate and work together, manual effort can be reduced resulting in the driving of real efficiencies.

The partnership between Fixflo and MRI, and the development of MRI Agency Home has shown there are solutions available to agents that can deliver fully integrated processes. Agents who take a step back to assess the usage of their technology stack, ensure it all connects and delivers the required efficiencies whilst delivering industry-leading performance and functionality, can benefit from more streamlined operations and reduced manual effort.

MRI Agency Home is available to MRI Sales & Lettings customers at no additional cost, and if you are a new customer to either Fixflo or MRI, integration between the two solutions is included within the implementation process. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your needs.

*Trevor Youens is the Senior Director of Residential Partnerships at MRI


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