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By John Cooper

Digital Marketing Consultant, Giraffe360


Remote viewings – how does the latest technology look?

In this time of economic uncertainty, more and more people are becoming unwilling to leave their homes, yet you and your estate agency need to keep moving; need to keep hitting your targets. 

Health and safety will always be the priority, but keeping businesses operating steadily is vital to corporate survival.

The Giraffe360 Virtual Tours have always been designed with remote viewings in mind, so are an innovative way to keep your agency operating as usual while keeping everyone safe.


Although the standard virtual tour product offering allows your clients to experience a property first-hand from anywhere in high-resolution, the aim was always to add the next level to the digital interaction; because it’s your expertise on the viewing that convinces a client to buy, not actually seeing the property.

So behind the scenes, the Giraffe360 team have been working on functionality to recreate that back-and-forth. Named ‘Remote Viewing’, this feature enables you to accompany your clients through their virtual tour in a video chat experience to add that personal, one-to-one expertise.

Work on remote viewing was originally started last year as a way to complement the already cutting-edge technology in the Giraffe360 camera, and to further add value and improve one-on-one property demos for busy, time-poor clients.

Recent events and the increased problems with travelling to meet clients has led to a necessarily faster rollout of the feature.

With this extra capability, you can keep your agency running and avoid the need for potentially dangerous face-to-face viewings. Since the Giraffe360 Virtual Tours are aimed at giving your clients the most realistic experience of being in a property, many businesses have already used this feature to successfully close deals with international clients who have never seen the property.

“We rented out an apartment in East London using a virtual tour for a client based in Germany. The high-quality virtual tour and visual material we produce with Giraffe 360 enabled the client to have the confidence to take the property without seeing it in person,” says Matt Brooke, area manager at Madley Property in London.

Now, as even local clients’ viewing requirements change, so should the way your agency showcases a sales or rental listing.

As businesses look to adapt to the global changes swirling around us and establish new ways of working, it’s imperative that clients are serviced with the same high levels of customer experience.

As the real estate industry, we should collectively protect crucial parts of the clients’ decision-making process, like the viewing of a property.

With Giraffe360’s latest updates to virtual tours, a member of your team can now directly video call a client whilst they are remotely viewing a property, to ensure any specific questions can be answered.

This way, your team can maintain the same level of interaction and bespoke expertise that the modern client has come to expect when viewing a listing or space.

*John Cooper is a digital marketing consultant at Giraffe360


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