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Clive Bryant
Clive Bryant
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I own and run the Fareham division of Chapplins Estate Agency and am also currently working as the Marketing Director of Team Estate Agents. Initially I worked for many of the Corporate estate agencies but launched my own office of an existing brand, Chapplins, in 2002. This company has grown adapted and risen to the successive challenges that the industry has thrown up since then not least the 2008 banking disaster.

my expertise in the industry

I started in the estate agency business in the late 1980s and have been self employed since 2002. During that time I have focused on business agility as well as “the day job” of actually earning a living. I have also been a member of the most established and the oldest estate agency affiliation group, team, since we opened in 2002. I credit team with many of the ideas and strategies that have allowed our growth and significant success. 2019 sees that organisation released from the shackles that it has endured over the last 5 years in particular and I see a very bright future for an affiliation group that is owned by the members and run by the members. Novel idea!

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Clive Bryant
It is impossible to view housing in isolation from the rest of the economy. The poverty of newcomers to the property market starts of course with the heavy debt that students pick up on the back of an outdated education system. It seems to be the key part of life which was never reviewed properly once the heavy bills started. Most degrees like English are run over three years and most students reckon they could complete the work in 18 months. That's important when students are paying so much every year and a key consideration when borrowing against a mortgage. This so called think tank is just about jumping on the media band wagon of persecuting hard working people who are struggling to make their own pension provisions rather than using the tories friends in the city! This is simply about herding innovative small time investors back into the corale of the tories friends the pension companies. Lastly it seems obvious that the baby boomers will have more wealth since they are much older than generation X and several gerations older than the millennial. Let's also not forget that those boomers had to live through the 1970's when the Labour Party practically bankrupted the country. They also lived through Ted Heaths 3 day week and the Winter of discontent. I have already gone on a bit much but to me that demonstrates the complexity of the issue rather than the oversimplification of a think tank looking at one narrow issue in isolation. Wonder if there are any experienced estate agents in the think tank?

From: Clive Bryant 23 August 2017 07:31 AM

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