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sue parker
Sorry Glenn, somone needs to say this.... Firstly £100k of sales is not difficult these days. I did that in my first year. £2k x 50 homes is hard and you'd need 70 to cover costs at that fee then turning a profit is another thing. I personally feel you are a Prat. Yes capital. Likewise are the people that buy into your moronic company. I say moronic because it really looks it. You dress up for starters and have no class nor style. I will try to refrain again from the personal but how is this professional? I really get quite annoyed when you spam me via text and email so I thought I'd reply.... I'm sure you like the feedback. I would personally not listen to your rubbish. You are not an agent, you sell franchises (rubbish ones at that). You will allow people to pay for you to build a business and effectively work for you for free then if and believe me this is a big if it works (which with the current branding it certainly wont) you will hike the agency franchise fee to 25% of turnover per year and you will become rich whilst your franchisees end up worse and worse off. You should not call yourself an ewe more like a leech sucking the blood from passionate people who love the industry. I hope you fail. Why would anyone trust a muppet who thinks an ewe is a good roll model or even deserves to be in business. For starters they are slow off the mark and follow each-other around. So you are saying you are not forward thinking? Perhaps another quality is that you get herded around? Or perhaps maybe instead of opening a franchise of agents open an abattoir and jump in the front for us. I think I will let you drive down fees with the likes of the other online agents who you won't compete with and then will eventually go bust anyway. Either way best of luck in your failure to make money. The quicker you go udder (get it) the quicker we can all go back to being professionals!

From: sue parker 09 January 2017 23:57 PM

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