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Daniel W
Lettings Manager
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Spent over 20 years doing this, why the hell have I?

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Daniel W
I passed my ARLA in 2007, I have been told I need to resit my exam as my subscription expired, a combination of factors, changed address and company, however ARLA had my email address which never changed go figure! What makes this worse is I have worked with a number of people who have there ARLA qualification and are absolutely awful at there job, to the point I would never use them to rent a property out. I am fully aware that there are a lot of very good agents who have there qualification, unfortunately it just tells me that you can read a manual and sit an exam, so lets get students in who have just left university or college because they can pass a test. **Now Hesse says:“At this time every year, students across the country are considering their options after receiving their A-level results. Of course, we would welcome as many of those people into the industry as possible. But I believe that we would attract a higher calibre of applicant if they knew that they had to pass a minimum standard in order to succeed** What about experience and knowledge you can only learn and gain from doing the job for years, I am all for getting rid of the agents who give our industry a bad name, but this wont do that at all. Its just another way to help destroy an industry that is already struggling, the good agent's will leave as they are fed up with the way it is going. It would be interesting to see what these ministers and action groups, would have to say if they spent some time in an agency, dealing with a deposit refund, difficult landlord or tenant, i can assure you none of them would last, for some reason the public think they can talk to agents like they are scum, who are just trying to do there job, I wonder if these same people would go into there local doctors, school or solicitors and start shouting, fretening members of staff?

From: Daniel W 20 August 2019 09:21 AM

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