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They are getting some momentum in the UK now but it has taken almost 6 years from the day Donald Morris brought the model in to the UK. A recently new CEO and appointment of Nicky Stevenson (now moved on) has certainly helped but can the Brit EA really ever buy into the culture. The above article mentions culture numerous times - Michael Bailey says "A lot of it was down to culture, and stuff that you don't normally get trained on. One key point that keeps coming out is that 'culture is the glue that keeps us all together’,” but this coin of phrase from Mo goes on to say “It’s very difficult to separate the culture and the systems, because the systems are written for the culture and the culture exists for the systems.” The company’s culture encourages interdependent relationships and achieving success through the efforts of others. However this EAT article doesn't mention their cult. They are very aware that their systems do not work without culture and I think this is why it has taken so long to take off in the UK. I could talk about this for days - their Stamford analysis of the KW Culture is made up of 40 points! Yes 40 and all are pretty relevant. But in my mind the key in the US is buying into 1. God. 2 Family and 3. Work. I won't go further but to say that I believe all 3 in that order is their greatest attribute to success so maybe that's why we have had slow lift off in the UK and some now trying to succeed where others may have failed or just decided to move on. I can freely say Gary Keller and his partner Jo are living genius but having changed in 2018 his former "we are a training company that happens to be in real estate" to "we are not a real estate company but a technology company" as stated in his 2018 Vision speech leaves me wondering if they may have turned the corner in the US, although I appreciate a successful biz has to change with innovation and the times - Sometimes it is harder to stay at the top than it is to get there especially as disrupters enter the market. Mo is the one that originally sided up with Gary and I believe it is her who drives the culture. Out of all the interviews in the UK esp the Chris Watkins ones they don't seem to have drilled down to the faith although I have tried to draw Chris on it via my personal involvement in what was a successful construction coy in the UK. To finish, an blog article with Mo headed Creating Corporate Culture the question was asked: How do you manage to deal with God and faith with such a large company like Keller Williams? Mo answered: We are a privately held company, and we respect each other. We respect the diverse faiths of all of our agents, and we pride ourselves on being able to talk about our faiths and learn from each other. The power of the Holy Spirit will convert some and lead them to Christ. Many agnostics have gone back to church after experiencing our cultural events or spending enough time as part of our Keller Williams family. I often receive letters from agents and employees saying that the environment of our company has helped them rediscover their Christian faith. It’s a matter of respect. There are no tensions if there is respect among all of the agents and employees. So, utilising their updated model, can this success be replicated in the UK - only time will tell. Whatever, personally, I can truly say my experience with Gary, Josh, Mo and a couple of their hierarchy was truly life changing - we hear people flippantly say this but I'm can assure you - they asked questions of me that I would never have thought to ask and I had to come up with the answers - I might add, all for a better me and my family

From: CHRISTOPHER HALL 25 January 2020 13:16 PM

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