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This is a late reply as I've only just seen this article. The article doesn't mention what benefits the client. Having a panel manager involved is not just about referral fees, I agree with the agents. There are several service level commitments that agents and clients experience when working with our company for panel management, many which our panel firms don't, can't or won't invest in providing. Where as our tools enable them to access and deliver the latest technology for clients buying or selling property. For example, we, independently, manage the time scales and file turn around on behalf of the client and work with our panel firms who have agreed our terms to meet the high SLA's we have in place which are targeted for the client and the agent. Having the extra layer of our assistance is a real bonus for our client base as they get extra support when it is needed. Solicitor firms often don't have the budget for this added support level and most do not self manage time scales or commit to specific times for updates. We find, most solicitors will not pick up a file unless a response is given and it triggers them to do so, most are reactive. Our service promotes proactive communication and gives the tools to our panel firms to make this easy, this ultimately moves the files quicker. Our turn around times are quick and efficient. Sure we charge a fee for our service but with full case tracking, (monitored and not self regulated), estate agent priority, email updates, file progression through traffic light monitoring, Buyer Protect ( http://www.conveywithme.com/buyer-protect ) Solicitor Ready among lots of other benefits, agents like working with as they move more cases and they have happy clients. A solicitor will always go against panel managers and the simple reason is that they can't compete with the commitment which a 3rd party company is dedicated to and is in business for. If the service didn't work and we didn't deliver, then we wouldn't have a business but clearly panel management works as it's still growing. If referral fees were to be banned, as a business, we are entitled to charge for our products and services and as long as clients can see the value they add, this will only strengthen our appeal. Client are who are important, and looking after them is the ultimate goal. Referral fees don't matter, especially if the service is poor. If the service is excellent, then referral fees are a bonus. The best feedback we have had is from an agent who has been trading for 30 years. Who said ' I have tried every panel manager firm in the country and I have worked with law firms directly as well. When Sonja approached me I was not interested but she convinced me to give her panel management company, Convey With Me, a go. In my 30 years, I have not had this kind of experience where the cases are dealt with efficiently and quickly and the information is given without having to chase it. I can't recommend Convey With Me Ltd enough and I always do to all my agent friends!' (Agent reference available upon request) So yes, referral fees aren't as important as service and commitment. I couldn't agree more!

From: Sonja MacGregor 17 May 2018 11:26 AM

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