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David  Jones
Wow, so much vitriol and lack of empathy here! I agree bulk/volume conveyancers give conveyancing a bad name. But this is not individual conveyancers' fault. It is ultimately a business model which puts profits first - taking on 'conveyancing executives' /'property lawyers' or whatever they want to call them who are unqualified and often have no experience because they are cheap labour. They are not paid well contrary to what some are saying. Quite the opposite. There is often poor management, with managers often having no qualifications and little to no experience of conveyancing. Fee earners are being left to deal with things that should be passed to experienced conveyancers which causes delays and frustration to clients and conveyancers on the other side. The current status quo has also exacerbated the issues as more staff have had to be taken on who are inexperienced, and dealing with volumes which have never been experienced before. This because the industry is experiencing a perfect storm of events from the huge backlog of transactions from the first lockdown when moving was put in hold, people deciding to move to the country for example because they recognise the need for open space and are now able to work from home, the stamp duty holiday, and the industry from lenders to conveyancers thrown into working from home with systems that are in some cases just inadequate. This means conveyancers are trying to cope with unprecedented volumes in unprecedented circumstances, many working 14 hours a day and more and weekends under constant stress and often abuse because understandably clients want assurances that they will be completing by 31st March. Assurances that just cannot be given because of the various links in the process outside of their control. But the constant updating slows things down as the 'real work' cannot be done. That then causes further delays resulting in more calls, emails etc. Which slows up the process even more resulting in more calls, emails etc... Causing frustration all round and huge amounts of stress. It is stressful for the whole industry at the moment including agents, lenders and conveyancers . They are all people. It is not right or fair to say one person is more important than another, or even that one person is suffering more stress than an other. No-one can say that as we can only see from our own perspective and stress affects people differently. And yes clients are important but so are all the individuals in the process who are trying their damnedest to help their clients to complete asap.

From: David Jones 20 February 2021 11:36 AM

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