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Agency listings rise but where are firms most busy?

Estate agents have been bringing more listings to the market since the start of the year but professionals in the north appear to be the most busy, research suggests.

Agency comparison site GetAgent.co.uk has analysed current market activity based on homes to have been listed for sale within the 14 days to the end of February and how this influx of fresh stock compares to the start of the year.

It has found that the number of new properties reaching the market for sale across Britain has increased by 98% when compared with the start of the year, climbing to 218% in some areas. 


The research shows that across Britain, 84,615 new homes were listed for sale over the two week period.

Agents in Scotland have been the most busy, with the nation seeing the level of new homes reaching the market jump by 218% in recent weeks when compared to market activity levels at the start of the year. 

In the North East, the number of homes listed in the 14 day period is 157% higher than in January, with the North West and Yorkshire and the Humber also seeing some of the largest spikes in market activity on the selling side. 

The East of England has seen the smallest uplift in the level of new homes being listed, but even still, there are currently 59% more properties being sold today when compared to the start of the year. 

The South East and London may sit mid-table when it comes to the change in new stock levels reaching the market, however, they rank top in terms of the sheer volume of new listings at 14,662 and 11,878 respectively, according to the research.

Mal McCallion, chief operating officer for GetAgent.co.uk, said: “Despite finishing 2022 on a note of uncertainty, many estate agents have entered into 2023 with a rejuvenated level of confidence in the market and it seems as though they were right to do so. 

“While we’ve had to negotiate a brief period of adjustment where house prices are concerned, the property market is alive and kicking and we continue to see a strong level of activity from the nation’s home sellers who remain undeterred in their endeavours.  

“In fact, our research shows that it has been an extremely busy few months, with the level of for sale stock reaching the market increasing by quite some margin when compared to the start of the year. 

“It would seem as though the challenge facing the nation’s agents isn’t a decline in market health, but more a case of how they stand out from the crowd and remain competitive in what continues to be a busy marketplace.”

Table shows the change in the number of new homes entering the market for sale based on those listed in the last 14 days
    Location Start of January 2023 End of February 2023 Change n Change %
    Scotland 1,175 3,731 2,556 218%
    North East 1,169 3,010 1,841 157%
    North West 3,705 9,129 5,424 146%
    Yorkshire and the Humber 2,197 5,105 2,908 132%
    London 5,376 11,878 6,502 121%
    West Midlands region 3,868 7,568 3,700 96%
    South West 4,506 8,782 4,276 95%
    South East 8,248 14,662 6,414 78%
    East Midlands 4,270 7,420 3,150 74%
    Wales 2,225 3,651 1,426 64%
    East of England 6,086 9,679 3,593 59%
    England 39,425 77,233 37,808 96%
    Great Britain 42,825 84,615 41,790 98%

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