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Suits you sir! Is it time to ditch the agency dress code?

Estate agents should ‘rock the clothes they want’ rather than sticking to corporate 1980s suit fashions, an industry executive has claimed.

It comes as research from job listings website Adzuna found companies are increasingly relaxing their dress codes.

Most vacancies still require smart or formal attire, Adzuna said.


More than a third of job adverts in the property sector referred to a smart of formal dress code, according to the research.

But Paul Clarke, co-founder of self-employed agency franchise brand Mr and Mrs Clarke, said property professionals should dress according to the situation.

Revealing his own preference, Clarke said: “A big meeting with very traditional clients is a tailored suit, a weekend viewing at a cool apartment in east London is Japanese jeans and a Nike T-shirt.

“I’ve rocked shorts to valuations, I’ve hosted investor meetings in a hoody and I’ve had lunch with chief executives in chinos and a sweatshirt.”

He said his advice to partners is to be comfortable, confident and dress for success “by choosing an outfit that is befitting of the situation and showcases your personality.”

Clarke added: “Modern clients want their agent to represent them by offering a great service and be looking incredible. 

“Look at Selling Sunset. Our partners stand out by wearing clothes as discerningly different as the homes they sell. 

“A corporate tie and I’ll fitting suit is so 1980s.

“Estate agents should the rock clothes that they want to, not be made to wear a uniform. 

“If we want to attract the best talent into this industry we need to ditch the dodgy pinstripes and allow agents to dress how they want. “

Clarke has started working with a tailor and style consultant at Richard George to help with his own styles and show off his personality.

He said: “We are judged so much by how we look and we are using social media more to project ourselves so it pays to dress in a way that exudes your personality and the service you offer.”

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    I strongly disagree.

  • Tim
    • Tim
    • 27 February 2023 11:07 AM

    What a pretentious load of baloney, especially the “ Clarke has started working with a tailor and style consultant at Richard George to help with his own styles and show off his personality..” I think I might need to go for a chunder.

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    Sorry, but I'm old school having worked since 1974 when a tie was mandated. Smart two piece suit, shirt and tie, and polished shoes for weekday valuations and viewings. More casual, but still smart attire for weekends. Remember valuers, alot of home owners/sellers are retired and old school as well. Chavs wouldn't appreciate you being smart, but who wants to sell their homes anyway.

  • Matthew Gardiner Legge

    ‘Japanese Jeans’… am I missing something?


    it means over priced.....

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    I feel this is very much a case of "each to their own". If you are happy suited all the time, then go for it but equally, if you dress more casually, and your business levels do not suffer then, happy days.

    Being different from others can also include dressing differently.

  • Maurice Kilbride

    Clearly a slow news day and who made this guy the Gok Wan of estate agency fashion? Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. It's that simple. If the customer is assessing your chino's, jeans or three piece suit, you are clearly not providing them with an engaging enough reason to do business with you!


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