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Uzair - First Estate Agency AI Tool Approved by Microsoft

In this latest article from the team at Iceberg Digital, they discuss the first annual Iceberg Summit to be held the end of November.

On the 29th of November, Iceberg Digital will hold its first annual Iceberg Summit to unveil its latest products and enhancements, including the launch of Lifesycle 4, the launch of Neuron (a new AI website offering) and updates on Estate Agency X which is a resource platform for agents looking to the future of estate agency.

Iceberg Digital's clients are undoubtedly excited about all of these things; however, it is a tool called Uzair that the rest of the industry is particularly interested in.


Whilst AI has become a somewhat overused word in the last 12 months, Iceberg Digital is one of the few companies that have been discussing it for the past five years and their work is now coming to fruition. Uzair is by no means the first use case of AI in Estate Agency but the tools to date have been ChatGPT inside someone's software, making them incredibly more convenient than having to go to the ChatGPT website but not much more than that and not independent tools.

Details of precisely what Uzair can do won't be released until the launch event on the 29th of November, but what we do already know is that Uzair is the very first AI tool for Estate Agents to be approved by Microsoft - a landmark moment for the PropTech industry. Iceberg Digital has achieved a significant milestone for Estate Agents and unlocked new possibilities beyond ChatGPT's website. 

Client-facing work

Yet to be confirmed, this might include such things as reading through the entire Lifesycle system and compiling detailed Vendor or Landlord feedback reports covering where the property has been advertised, the number of website views, all of the viewing feedback, offers, and so on, expertly curated in the click of a button and not only saving estate agents 100's of hours of work compiling all of that information but improving their levels of communication and customer service with their clients.

Another possibility is for Uzair to do client-facing work for agents, registering buyers or tenants and matching them to properties or helping potential sellers and landlords do their own research and pass the leads straight to the agent. Or even transform how reports are done by allowing the agent to ask things like "Who is our best-performing valuer and why?", "Calculate our commissions, please", or "Which portal leads to the most sales fees?" etc. The possibilities are endless and very exciting.

Of course, we are all waiting with bated breath. Still, Iceberg Digital's ecosystem approach of combining all the marketing, CRM, and website data into one complete platform, allowing their AI to work in ways others can't, continues to pay off. The Future of Estate Agency is upon us, and Iceberg Digital is leading the way.

You can find more info about the Iceberg Summit here. Alternatively, contact them for more information on latest developments, news, and events.


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